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WHMCS SSO - single sign on to whmcs site

Key Features


WHMCS SSO - single sign on to whmcs site - sso key feature
Single Sign-On (SSO) provides password-less login to WHMCS for user authentication, using a single set of login credentials. Create unlimited user authentication at the time of SSO on your WHMCS host.

Attribute Mapping

WHMCS SSO - single sign on to whmcs site - attribute mapping
User attributes, such as access and roles, are fetched from the IDP and can be mapped to the WHMCS user with the WHMCS SSO plugin.

3rd party IDP support

WHMCS SSO - single sign on to whmcs site - 3rd party idp support
Flexibility for integration with multiple popular IDPs such as Azure AD, Azure B2C, Discord, WHMCS, AWS Cognito, Keycloak, Okta, Clever, Salesforce, WordPress, and other IDPs. Supports multiple authorization protocols like SAML/OAuth/OpenID/JWT and many more.

Working example of WHMCS SSO

Suppose we have a WHMCS admin user, Ryan. Ryan has set up miniOrange WHMCS Single Sign-On (SSO) on his website for his team to secure login to the WHMCS site.

  • The user from his team will try to access the WHMCS site.
  • The website redirects the SSO request to the Identity Provider (where user credentials are stored) for authentication.
  • The user tries to sign in with his Identity Provider credentials.
  • Once IDP authentication gets successful, Identity Provider (IDP) sends back the Single Sign-On response.
  • Now the user is granted access to log in and access the WHMCS site.
WHMCS SSO - working with multiple identity providers

Here’s just some of what you get

Using WHMCS Single Sign-On (SSO), users from any IDP can login into the WHMCS using their Identity provider credentials such that it provides secure and password-less login for WHMCS users.

It provides flexible IDP support, without the need to migrate your existing users from the existing user store.

SSO eliminates the inconvenience of managing, remembering, and resetting multiple passwords, thus improving productivity with higher conversion rates.

WHMCS SSO - benifits

SSO authentication ensures that only authorized users get access to sensitive data, hence you can also implement various password policies to strengthen security without holding up your users' access.

SSO reduces IT costs which saves admin time on password resets and eliminates the necessity of IT support.

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