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BlueJeans SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) | Login using Joomla into BlueJeans SSO


Single Sign-On SSO into BlueJeans using Joomla IdP, Login into BlueJeans using Joomla, by configuring BlueJeans as SP and Joomla as SAML IDP. Here we will go through a step-by-step guide to configure SSO between BlueJeans as Service Provider (SP) and Joomla as an Identity Provider (IDP).

If your users are stored in the Joomla database and if you want to login to your BlueJeans site/applications by using Joomla's user's credentials then you can use this setup guide to configure it.

Pre-requisites : Download And Installation

Steps for Integration of Joomla Single Sign-On (SSO) with BlueJeans as Service Provider

1. Download and setup Joomla SAML IDP Plugin

  • Download the zip file for the miniOrange SAML IDP plugin for Joomla from the link here.
  • Login into your Joomla site’s Administrator console.
  • From left toggle menu, click on System, then under Install section click on Extensions.
  • Downlaod and Intall SAML SSO plugin
  • Here click on Browse for file button to locate and install the plugin file downloaded earlier.
  • Install the SAML SP Plugin from your computer
  • Once Installation of plugin is successful. Now click on Start Using miniOrange SAML IDP plugin.
  • Start Using miniOrange SAML SP plugin
  • Then go to the Identity Provider tab, scroll down and copy the IDP Entity ID/Issuer and the SAML Login URL.
  • Copy SP-EntityID and ACS URL

2. Configure BlueJeans as the Service Provider (SP)

  • Open a new browser tab or window, Log in to your BlueJeans account as Account Admin and access Admin console.
  • Navigate to Group Settings from the side menu, and click on the Security tab.
  • Click on SAML Single Sign On button & Check Enable automatic provisioning.
  • Enter the information into the corresponding fields:
  • Certificate Path Download the certificate from IDP Metadata, then click Choose File to locate it and upload it.
    Login URL Copy and paste the SAML Login URL from IDP Metadata tab
    Password Change URL Enter the URL of your landing page
    Logout URL Copy and paste the SAML Logout URL from IDP Metadata tab
    SAML Meta Data You can get BlueJeans SAML Metadata from Here
    Login using Joomla into BlueJeans | Joomla SSO into BlueJeans, automatic provisioning
  • Enter the attribute name for User ID, Email and other fields.
  • Name User Meta Data
    User Id Userid
    Email Email
    Username Username
    First Name FirstName
    Last Name LastName
    Login using Joomla into BlueJeans | Joomla SSO into BlueJeans, table
  • Click on Save Changes.

You have successfully configured BlueJeans as Service Provider.

3. Configuring Joomla as Identity Provider (IDP)

In Joomla SAML IDP plugin, go to Service Provider Tab. There are three ways to configure the plugin:

    SAML SSO Single-Sign-On By Metadata URL :

    • Click on Upload IDP Metadata.
    • Upload IDP Metadata
    • Enter Metadata URL (Copied from BlueJeans) and click on Fetch Metadata.
    • Upload IDP Metadata

    SAML SSO Single-Sign-On By Uploading Metadata File:

    • Click on choose metadata file and click on Upload.
    • Upload IDP Metadata

    SAML SSO Single-Sign-On Manual Configuration :

    • Under Service Provider tab and fill in the Service Provider Name, SP Entity ID or Issuer, ACS URL and NameID Format. You will get these details from the Service Provider that you are using. Fill in the other fields according to your requirements.
    • Service Provider Name Choose appropriate name according to your choice.
      SP Entity ID or Issuer Service Provider Entity ID .
      ACS URL SP Assertion Consumer Service URL .
      X.509 Certificate (optional) [For Signed Request] Paste certificate value you copied from the Metadata file .
      NameID Format Select urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:emailAddress.
      Assertion Signed Checked
      manual Configuration

  • Click on Test Configuration.
  • Congratulaions we have successfully configured Joomla SAML IDP with BlueJeans as Service Provider(SP).

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