Shopify Social Login | Configure Social Login Into Shopify

Configure Social Login On Shopify:

  • Go to shopify marketplace search for social login select miniorange social login app in it. Click on Add app to install it on your store.
  • shopify social login
  • Log in to your shop admin and go to the Settings > Checkout page. Scroll down to the Customer Accounts section and ensure that you have selected Accounts are required as an option.
  • Social Login shopify account settings
  • Now go back to the Apps section. Select miniOrange social login form the apps list in that it will take you to the miniOrange social login dashboard.
  • Social Login configure apps
  • Next, If you need to customize your icons you can edit them from the customize icons tab. Make it feasible and attractive to your website.
  • Social Login customize icons
  • Go to the Online Store > Themes. In the Templates folder, insert the embed code {{ 'mini_icon.js' | asset_url | script_tag }} Into the customers/login.liquid file. Of course, you also can put this code to another template file, section or page.
  • Social Login shopify editcode Social Login shopify shortcode
  • Now go to your login and registration form there you will get your social icons displayed on forms.
  • Social Login shopify login icons

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