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Magento Firewall IP Restriction and Country Blocking extension allows you to restrict access to your Magento 2 Store by blocking IPs or by allowing only whitelisted IPs to access your Store. Restrict stealing of your Store’s content like images, text etc. by disabling Right Clicks, Keyboard shortcuts, mouse drag & image copying. With Magento block country feature, block a particular country or multiple countries from accessing your Store and getail analytics report for the traffic coming on your Magento 2 store and restrict that traffic based on IP, Country & Geolocation of the users.

Key Features

IP Blocking

You can get network traffic details with traffic monitoring, and if you suspect a request coming from a specific IP is malicious, you can block that IP address (which includes both automatic- based on user behavior and manual IP blocking) from accessing the website.

Country Blocking

You can restrict the attempts if your website is constantly being attacked by people or bots from particular nations. You can limit access to your Magento Store based on the user's nation or
geolocation by using the Country Block feature.

Multi-Factor for controlling access

You can regulate priority access to only recognized users and devices in the framework/platform, or you can grant limited access to non-compliant devices and guest users with Multi-Factor authentication.

IP Whitelisting

Whitelist selected IPs to restrict your Store only to selected users. Create a store only for your internal employees by whitelisting your company’s IP address or by whitelisting all the employee's IP addresses.

VPN Block

Block users trying to access your store using a VPN to avoid malicious traffic on your Store. Users can access your region specific stores using a VPN, however you can easily block such users keeping your store away from spammers or hackers.

Domain redirects

Customers can be redirected to a specific URL on a different domain or to the local versions of your
Magento store based on their country or

Prevent your store from known frauds

Some common cyber frauds have their source from the same countries, hence you can protect your Store from such countries by blocking network traffic originating from such countries.

Redirect or Block users based on their Geolocation

Block the countries where you don’t ship your products or redirect users to the Magento Store made for their country based on their Geolocation. Allow access only to those countries where you ship your products.



  •   Block Multiple Countries
  •   Block Multiple IP
  •   Whitelist Multiple IP
  •   Redirect URL for blocked users
  •   Content Protection
  •   Block access from VPN

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