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Manage and Sell
Subscriptions on Magento

The Magento Subscription Management extension is a fully integrated recurring payment management tool for Magento. Our extension instantly turns any product into a Magento subscription product with automatic repeat orders, allowing you to increase your average order value and create loyal customers. Contact us at and we will help you setup the extension in no time.

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Why Add Subscriptions to your Magento store?

Integrating subscription services into your Magento store enhances the ecommerce journey for your customers, fostering a seamless experience. This inclusion not only cultivates reliable and recurring revenue streams but also facilitates strategic planning, efficient management, and sustainable business expansion. Moreover, by incorporating subscriptions, your Magento store can transform occasional buyers into loyal subscribers and enthusiastic advocates of your brand. Subscriptions offer unparalleled convenience to customers, eliminating the need for repetitive ordering processes and ensuring uninterrupted access to your products!

Key Features

Subscription Discounts & Coupons

Utilize the Magento Subscription application to provide incentives such as discounts or coupons, enticing new registrations and rewarding loyal customers for their continued patronage over extended durations.

Auto-Charging Subscriptions and Invoices

Automate customer charges or dispatch invoices via email containing payment links. Enable mixed subscriptions within a single cart, accommodating both one-time purchases and subscription orders seamlessly.

All-In-One Subscription Management

Establish subscription regulations applicable to all products or specific collections. Customize product pricing, shipping expenses, payment timelines, and delivery addresses. Modify, add, or remove products within existing subscriptions effortlessly.

Cancellation & Dunning management

Enhancing security measures for your Magento Store and custom mobile application by implementing fraud prevention strategies that incorporate IP, device, location, and time-based criteria.

Personalized Notifications

Configure and customize a range of email notifications directed to your customers, including alerts such as "Pause Subscription," "Payment Failed," "Subscription Information Updated," and more. Tailor the email content for a personalized touch.

Fully Customizable Design

Tailor the design of the subscription widget effortlessly to match any theme using the built-in editor and online preview functionality. Position it flexibly within the product page, whether in the "Quick View" or "Featured Product" sections.

Manage Recurring Payments
in Magento

Magento Recurring Payments transcends mere subscription services; it's a tool crafted to cultivate enduring and meaningful connections with your clientele. The Magento Subscription Management extension streamlines subscription creation, facilitating a seamless initiation process for customers. This user-centric approach, coupled with deeper insights into customer preferences and behaviors, is pivotal in propelling your business towards heightened success and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Manage and Sell Subscriptions on Magento - Manage Recurring Payments
Manage and Sell Subscriptions on Magento - Subscription Plans, Easy Cancellation, Discount Automation

Subscription Plans, Easy Cancellation, Discount Automation and more!

The Magento Subscription Management extension presents a plethora of customizable features, spanning automatic discount adjustments, product subscriptions, loyalty incentives, cancellation procedures, and Magento recurring payments. Empower online Magento store merchants to seamlessly integrate with our Magento Subscription Application, ensuring a seamless subscription journey for their customers.

Offer Magento Subscription Products in a Few Clicks

Magento Subscriptions equips businesses with the necessary tools to oversee their subscription-based offerings effectively. Through the Magento Subscription Management application, you can extend to your customers the opportunity to sample a smaller quantity of your product at a discounted rate, which then renews at specified intervals, fostering a continuous subscription plan. Customers have the flexibility to pay a predetermined fee to receive products or services on a regular basis, whether weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Create a Magento Subscription Product

Choose whether to offer your customers a fixed amount or a percentage discount on Magento Subscription products.

Add Discounts to Subscription Products

Choose whether you want to provide your customers with a fixed amount or a percentage discount on subscription products.

Activate Subscription for Magento Products

After creating and applying a discount to your Magento subscription product, click to activate your subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I offer subscription Products on Magento?
Yes, our Magento Product Subscription feature allows you to sell subscription products on Magento easily. Simply download the Magento Subscription Management app for free to unlock the power of creating, managing, and scaling subscriptions for your store.
What are the different subscriptions types can I sell through Magento?
Magento supports a wide variety of subscription options. With the Magento Subscription Management extension, you can sell physical products regularly, digital subscriptions such as memberships or software services, subscription boxes, and more.
How can the Magento Recurring Payments feature streamline my business?
Our Magento Subscription Management application makes launching and scaling your subscription business easier, allowing you to spend less time managing subscriptions and more time building customer relationships. With Magento Recurring Payments' built-in analytics features, you can track the health of your subscription business, measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and analyze customer behavior
What are the options for managing subscription   plans, pricing, and billing cycles?
To meet the unique requirements of each brand, the Magento Subscription Management application provides a variety of options for managing subscription plans, pricing, and billing cycles. With us, you can set up different delivery frequencies and offer different discounts in both percentage and dollar amounts for each frequency, or you can offer Magento subscription products with no discount at all.
Does your Magento subscriptions Management extension send out automated email notifications for upcoming renewals or expiring subscriptions?
Yes. Our Magento Subscriptions Management extension uses automated transactional notifications to keep your customers up to date on their subscription activity. These notifications can be sent via email only or via email and SMS.
How do I manage recurring orders and subscriptions on Magento through the Magento Subscription Management application?
Using the Magento Subscription Management extension you can manage recurring orders and subscriptions on Magento. Our App provides interfaces for tracking and managing your subscribers, their orders, and their payment methods. Features and specific steps vary depending on the app you choose.

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