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Why Migrate Users from Shopify to an Identity Provider?

As businesses grow, you may find the thought of transitioning to more robust identity management solutions like an IDP. Shopify, a popular e-commerce platform, holds crucial customer data that needs to be migrated efficiently to the new IDP. With the Shopify User Migration application, migrating user data from Shopify to your IDP database to meet your scale, availability, performance or security goals is easier than you think.

There may be many reasons that you're migrating your users away from your Shopify Store to your Identity Provider. To name just a few: Enhanced Security, Centralized Identity Management, Integration with Multiple Platforms, Scalability and Flexibility, User Experience Improvements, Cost Efficiency, etc.

Centralized Identity Management

An IDP provides a centralized platform for managing user identities, permissions, etc. across various applications. Migrating from Shopify to an IDP streamlines identity management processes, improving overall efficiency.

Reduce Ongoing Maintenance

It is risky to manage a user's username and password across multiple platforms. Migrating users from Shopify to an IDP can help reduce ongoing maintenance costs because you only need to manage the users' data in one place.

Support for Additional Features

We support additional features such as User Provisioning and Deprovisioning capabilities, SSO into any third-party platform, and Restricting users based on their IP Address, Countries, Shopify Tags, Domain, etc.

Enhanced Security

Identity Providers often offer advanced security features like multi-factor authentication and granular access controls to different types of users. Businesses may migrate from Shopify to an IDP to improve the security of user accounts and sensitive data.

SSO into Multiple Platforms

A new platform can be easily connected with an IDP allowing users to access multiple applications and services using a single set of credentials. Users expect seamless access to multiple applications from anywhere.

Shopify user migration lazy migration
Automatic migration (Lazy Migration)

Using our Shopify SSO application you can automatically migrate users and their passwords from the Shopify userbase to your IDP. This practice is sometimes known as lazy migration or one-at-a-time user migration. By using this feature, your users will be:

  • Shopify user migration lazy migration Moved to your Identity Provider (IDP) the first time they log into your Shopify Store after successfully integrating the application.
  • Shopify user migration lazy migration Not asked to reset their password as a result of the migration.
Benefits of Lazy Migration (One-at-a-time User Migration)

Migrate Users from Shopify Continuous Operations
Continuous Operations

Your Shopify store can remain operational during the transition period with a lazy migration. This is critical for businesses that cannot afford downtime, ensuring a consistent customer experience.

Migrate Users from Shopify Risk Mitigation
Risk Mitigation

Migrating an entire Shopify store users in one go can be risky. A lazy migration approach reduces the risk of potential errors or issues affecting the entire website simultaneously.

Migrate Users from Shopify Migrate Users with Passwords
Migrate Users with Passwords

Lazy migration enables you to migrate all of your Shopify Store users to your IDP with their existing passwords, eliminating the need for end users to reset their passwords as a result of the migration.

Bulk migrations (Batch user import)

Bulk Importing users is a simple way to migrate all of your existing Shopify users to an Identity Provider at once. If time is a critical factor, bulk import allows you to remove the old Shopify user base as soon as possible. However, if you have a large set of user data, this migration process can be time-consuming, and it might require downtime while you switch your users over.

Migrate Users from Shopify - bulk migration
Benefits of Bulk Migration

Migrate Users from Shopify Efficiency and Speed
Efficiency and Speed

Bulk migration allows efficient and quick migration of all user data from Shopify to the IDP. This speed is critical for minimizing interruptions to user access and maintaining a seamless experience.

Migrate Users from Shopify Streamlined User Experience
Streamlined User Experience

When all of a user's data is moved at once, the transition is more seamless. This approach reduces the possibility of users who use both platforms becoming confused or frustrated.

Migrate Users from Shopify Faster Time-to-Value
Faster Time-to-Value

With bulk migration, businesses may enjoy the benefits of the new platform sooner. Once user migration from Shopify is complete, users will have immediate access to the new system's new features.

Supported Identity Providers for Shopify User Migration



Azure AD



AWS Cognito


Seamlessly Transfer User Data and Passwords from Shopify to Your Website with Effortless Migration

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