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NFT importer Web3

Key Features

Import NFT to WordPress
Import NFT from the cryptowallet to WordPress

Display NFT owned in crypto wallet on WordPress

NFT Importer connects securely to the crypto wallet and displays NFT owned in the wallet on the WordPress website. The plugin supports the feature of choosing the NFT/tokens from the crypto wallet to import on WP.

Import NFT to WordPress
Import NFT from marketplace to WordPress pages

Select NFT collection and import to WP

Display the entire NFT collection on the WP website, profile, and page from popular NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare to advertise your collection to visitors and buyers. Choose from the marketplace collection the NFT to embed on WordPress.

Create NFT gallery
Create NFT gallery

Embed NFT from crypto wallet to create a NFT gallery

Flawlessly connect the wallet and display NFT collection from cryptowallet or marketplace to WordPress website and user profile to create a NFT gallery. Embed only those NFTs from wallet and marketplace to WP pages that you want to display with support for custom styling and design like number of rows and columns to display.

NFT WooCommerce
Import and display NFT on the WooCommerce

Create WooCommerce into an NFT marketplace

Display NFT owned in cryptowallet to WooCommerce store and turn into an NFT marketplace. Additionally Import NFT from a marketplace like OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare to the WooCommerce store to attract buyers. Advertise your NFT collection on the WooCommerce store for customers or market upcoming collections.

Multiple crypto wallet
Import NFT from Multiple Crypto wallets

Display different blockchain wallet-owned NFTs on the website

Support for hot wallets such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Wallet Connect QR code, Phantom, MyAlgo, and cold wallets like Ledger and Trezor to connect and display the NFT owned.

Custom NFT
Customization and styling for displaying NFT

Create themes to display NFT on WordPress

Support to display NFT details like identifier, content, and current owner on WordPress.Set the number of NFTs you want to display from crypto wallet to WordPress.Additionally, customize the imported NFT collection on your website by setting the number of rows and columns to be displayed. Set the padding, height, and width for displaying the NFT collection.

What is NFT

What are NFTs?

Non Fungible tokens(NFTs) are a unique way to represent content like images, art, post, music, etc. They are stored on the blockchain and cannot be replicated. NFT has a unique identifier number with which you can search on a blockchain. Every NFT has metadata stored which contains information such as name, description, link to various images, and any other information the creator thinks is necessary and important.
Cryptocurrency wallets

What are cryptocurrency wallets?

A cryptocurrency wallet is just like your regular wallet but instead holds cryptocurrency, NFT, and tokens. Using a crypto wallet you can directly interact with the blockchain and do NFT/token transactions. A wallet operates on public and private keys. The public key as the name suggests can be viewed by other users but the private key is stored with the wallet owner and is important for performing any transactions.

NFT marketplace

Why Import NFT from wallet/marketplace to WordPress?

There are multiple reasons to import NFT from crypto wallet and marketplace and display the NFT on WordPress.The major reasons to mention are to attract buyers who might want to buy your NFT collection. Displaying the NFT from wallet to page/profile will help you sell and promote your collection. You can also embed NFT to your WordPress from your cryptowallet and marketplace and showcase your digital art collection.
NFT Gallery

How to create your own NFT gallery?

With a few basic steps, you can create your own NFT gallery on a WordPress page and website. Just connect your wallet or choose the marketplace from where you want to Import your NFT to display. Choose the number of rows and columns and the padding design for them. You can create an entire NFT gallery and embed it on your WordPress pages. Import, display, and Embed NFT collection from popular crypto wallets.

Can you create NFT marketplace on WooCommerce?

NFT Workplace WordPress

Can you import NFT collection from OpenSea and display on WordPress?

NFT Importer Web3

The plugin securely connects with user's crypto wallet and displays NFTs on the WordPress website. Create an NFT gallery on your WordPress website with the option to embed the NFT of your choice. Support to Import NFT from marketplace to WP.

You Request, We Integrate

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SPL Token

Algorand's asset IDs

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is completely secure and once you connect your wallet only the NFT collection in it is accessed and your private key is off limits.

You can reach out to us and we will add the support for specific wallets and blockchains so you can import and display the NFT on pages.

No, you can import any number of NFT tokens from the NFT marketplace to your pages and user profiles on WordPress.

Yes, you select a few NFTs from your collection from the NFT marketplace and display them on WordPress websites or pages.

No, you can import any number of NFT tokens from the NFT marketplace to your pages and user profiles on WordPress.

Yes, you select a few NFTs from your collection from the NFT marketplace and display them on WordPress websites or pages.

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