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Odoo Integrations

Maximize the security of your Odoo site and applications with miniOrange Odoo security solutions. We offer a wide range of security features like Single Sign-On (SSO), SCIM (User Sync), and various other integrations, ensuring strong user authentication and seamless navigation across Odoo business apps. Our solutions work with a variety of identity providers (IDPs) including AWS, Cognito, Okta, Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD), Azure B2C, and several others. Elevate both functionality and security levels for your Odoo platform with miniOrange.

miniOrange Odoo Single Sign-On (SSO) | SAML | OAuth | User Provisioning

Our Odoo Security Suite

miniOrange Odoo SAML Single Sign-On | Odoo SAML SSO

SAML Single Sign-On

Shield your data from unauthorized users with the Odoo SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) solution. Our SAML SSO makes it easier for authorized employees/users to access various Odoo apps with just one set of login credentials.

miniOrange Odoo OAuth Single Sign-On | Odoo OAuth SSO

OAuth Single Sign-On

Streamline user authorization across different Odoo apps with OAuth and OpenID Connect Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions. Enable employees to log in using their social media accounts, granting restricted access to selected apps or services.

miniOrange Odoo User Provisioning | SCIM Provisioning

User Sync (SCIM)

Import employee identity information from different identity providers like Azure AD, Okta, GSuite, Keycloak, and more to Odoo. You can automate new user creation, updating, and deleting user information from the identity provider.


Odoo Integrations


SAML Providers





You can enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for your Odoo applications using various identity providers (IDPs) such as Microsoft Entra ID (formerly known as Azure AD), Azure B2C, ADFS, Office365, Okta, Google, PingFederate, Salesforce, OneLogin and many more.

Can't find your IDP? Contact us at and we will help you setup Single Sign-On into your Odoo applications in no time.

Have Custom IDP?

Popular Use Cases


Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) Security

Our Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) Security for Odoo eliminates the hassle of verifying employees every time they want to access different Odoo applications. It lets your team swiftly access different tools while keeping things super secure. Streamline user workflow, boost efficiency, and guarantee a smooth user experience with Enterprise Odoo SSO.


User Provisioning (Real Time User Sync) / De-Provisioning

Easily give or take away access for your employees across different Odoo applications with Real-Time user sync. It makes setting up new employees easier and allows quick access to relevant tools and resources they need. With simplified de-provisioning, it makes it super easy to revoke access to Odoo applications for existing employees.


Healthcare SSO with OAuth/OpenID

Make it easier for doctors and medical staff to navigate through different Odoo applications. Ensure tight data security and verify doctors before giving them access to sensitive medical records. Step up the efficiency of your healthcare operations and confidentiality with the Odoo Healthcare SSO with Oauth/OpenID.

Frequently Asked Questions

Odoo Single Sign-On SSO | Odoo SAML | Odoo OAuth - Odoo SSO faqs

Can I integrate Odoo SSO with my existing identity provider? >

Yes, Odoo SSO can be integrated with identity providers such as Microsoft Entra ID (formerly known as Azure AD), Okta, and Google using secure protocols like OAuth and SAML.

What is automated user provisioning in Odoo SSO? >

Automated user provisioning streamlines user management tasks and preserves data consistency by syncing user data across Odoo applications.

Can the interface of Odoo SSO be customized? >

Yes, Odoo SSO solutions provide customization options, allowing organizations to tailor login pages and user interfaces to their specific branding needs.

What security measures protect user data during Odoo SSO processes? >

Odoo SSO supports multi-factor authentication (MFA), which ensures secure data transmission and improves overall system security. Please email us at for any queries you may have.

How can I integrate Odoo with Cognito? >

Follow the step-by-step setup guide [OAuth Protocol] to configure Single Sign-On (SSO) into Odoo using Cognito as an identity provider.


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