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Guide to setup Single Sign-On on Odoo using OAuth Provider

Guide to setup Single Sign-On on Odoo using OAuth Provider

Single Sign-On (SSO) login for Odoo can be achieved by using our OAuth SSO module for Odoo. Our module is compatible with all the OAuth-compliant Identity Providers (IdP). Here we will go through a step-by-step guide to configure OAuth SSO login between the Odoo site and any OAuth Identity Provider.

Prerequisites: Download and Installation

  • An Odoo installation on your environment.
  • Installed miniOrange OAuth SSO module for Odoo.

Steps to configure Odoo SSO (Single Sign-On) using OAuth Provider

  • Navigate to Odoo Homepage and Click on the menu button.
  • Odoo Single Sign-On (SSO), menu button
  • Click on miniOrange OAuth 2.0.
  •  Odoo Single Sign-On (SSO), Go to miniOrange OAuth
  • Click on Create button to configure your OAuth Provider.
  • Odoo Single Sign-On (SSO), Click on create
  • You will see the following Screen
  • Odoo Single Sign-On (SSO), Fill details
  • In General Configuration, fill in the name of the Identity Provider (eg, WordPress). You will also need to fill the following fields which you will get from your IdP.
    • OAuth Provider Client ID
    • OAuth Provider Client Secret
    • Scope
    • Authorize Endpoint
    • Access Token Endpoint
    • Get User Info Endpoint
  • In the Attribute Mapping section, you can map the attributes from your IdP to users on the Odoo ERP system as desired.
  • In the Mapping section, you can map the groups from IdP to your Odoo system.
  • After filling in the required fields, you can click on the save button.
  • Odoo Single Sign-On (SSO), Save details
  • We are done with setting up SSO using miniOrange OAuth SSO module for Odoo.
  • We can test the configuration by following thee steps:
  • Goto Odoo Login page. You will see an extra button with same name as configured in the module.
  • Odoo Single Sign-On (SSO), Login button
  • Click on the button and you will be directed to you IdP login page. Enter your IdP credentials and click Login.
  • Odoo Single Sign-On (SSO), Enter credentials
  • After successful authentication, you will be logged into Odoo.
  • Odoo Single Sign-On (SSO), User logged in

Congratulations, you have successfully setup miniOrange OAuth SSO module for Odoo. Now your users can login into Odoo using your IdP credentials.

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