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Why Should You Purchase Gravity Form OTP Verification Addon?

A Glimpse Of Key-Features Provided

OTP Verification on Gravity forms:

  • Enable OTP Verification on Gravity forms.
  • Verify user Identity before submission.
  • Enable Phone or Email Verification.
  • Easy setup process

SMS Notification on Gravity forms:

  • Send SMS Notifications on Submission of Gravity Forms.
  • Send Notifications to the Admin and Customers.
  • Customizable SMS Template.
  • Easy Setup Process.

Simple Pricing Plan

miniorange Gateway Plan

  • Recharge your account with SMS or Email to use OTP Verification.
  • OTPs and Notifications will be sent using the miniOrange gateway.
  • Transaction pricing will be based on the target country.
  • Hassle-Free Setup, Just Recharge and Enjoy!

What are the benefits Gravity Form OTP Verification Addon?

Integrity, Customization and More

WordPress OTP verification - Hassle Free Gateway

Hassle Free Gateway

Want OTP verification but dont have your own SMTP/SMS gateway? Use miniorange gateway. Easy to use & no management required.

Wordpress SMS verification - Your Gateway


Our OTP Verification plugin easily plugs in to your existing form to validate your user's Email Addresses/Mobile Number on submission of contact form.

Wordpress SMS verification - No Fake Users

No Fake Users

Prevent users from submitting contact form using fake email ids and phone numbers.

Wordpress OTP verification - Customization


Need a custom feature and cannot find? No worries, we can add custom features for you.

Wordpress OTP verification - Easy to use Interface

Easy to use Interface

Simple user interface. Just a few clicks and you are good to go with our OTP Verification Plugin

Secure your Gravity Form
with OTP Verification Plugin

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