Role Based Password Policies

Configure different passwords according to users' roles.

Enforce Change Of Password On First Login

Force users to reset their passwords and create a strong password based on the password policy at their first login.

Enforce Strong Passwords

Force users to create strong passwords according to the established policy, which includes a specific length of password, certain numeric, upper and lower case letters, and special characters ($,#, percent).

Password Audit Policy

The admin has a fantastic tool at their disposal to acquire information about users' activity, such as their last login time, the last time they changed their password, users' password strength, and other details.

One Click Reset Password

Admin can reset all users' password on a single click in case there is a suspicion of security threat or unauthorized access to the website. This terminates/suspends all logged in sessions of users thus forcing them to reset their password and login again.

Automatically Lock Inactive Users

It automatically locks inactive users after an amount of time specified by the administrator, eliminating the possibility of subsequent attacks. Users who have been locked need to contact the administrator.

Password History Management

Keeps history of used passwords and prevents users from using it again by forcing them to create a new and strong password.

Password Strength Meter

The administrator can see whether users' passwords are Weak, Medium, or Strong using the password strength meter.

Supports Popular Login And Registration Forms

Supports most used and top login and registration forms like WooCommerce, Ultimate Member, Elementor Pro, and so on.

What is the need of the Password Policy Manager plugin for WordPress Website Security?

Your site’s protection is largely determined by the Login Security of a WordPress website. Our user friendly and easy to use plugin with all its amazing features is a great way to ensure security of your business enterprise.


Users often select weak passwords and often the same password for multiple platforms despite WordPress’ attempt to warn them strongly against it. This common phenomenon makes it quite essential for website owners and administrators to take charge of their users’ passwords.


With the help of password policy manager, you can force your users to use strong and unique passwords of considerable length and complexity. Its expiration feature will make them forcefully change their passwords at the time interval that you have set for them.


Quick Deploy

Our Password policy Manager plugin can be deployed easily for the entire user base in minutes for WordPress sites.

Mobile Support

miniorange Password Policy Manager WordPress plugin provides mobile compatibility. If a user tries to login to their WordPress account from a mobile browser, it will be easily accessible to them.

24*7 Support

Direct interaction with the developer team to resolve WordPress password policy configuration concerns.

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  • Role Based Password Policy
  • Role/User Based 1 Click Password Reset
  • Disallow Last 5 Passwords
  • Automatically Lock Inactive User
  • Enforce Strong Password
  • Generate Random Password
  • Unlimited Users For Single Site
  • -


  • Role Based Password Policy
  • Role/User Based 1 Click Password Reset
  • Disallow Last 10 Passwords
  • Automatically Lock Inactive User
  • Enforce Strong Password
  • Generate Random Password
  • Unlimited Users For Multisites
  • Support Language Translation

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Great support

password policy manager customer-review 5 star

I got great support from the plugin team.They patiently went through my problem. Thanks to their effort and experience. Many THANKS to the supporting team.

The best password plugin

password policy manager customer-review 5 star

The plugin is very complete, even in its free version, and the support given by its authors is first class. I highly recommend it..

Awesome password management

password policy manager customer-review 5 star

I had installed the plugin and it works according to my requirement, password expiration with password strength is a great feature.

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