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Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder

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Cart - Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder

Flexible Reminders and Reminder Intervals

Allows for flexibility in adding the number of reminders and setting the reminder interval for the first and remaining intervals according to the merchant's preferences alongwith multiple reminders based on customer’s inactivity.

Cost - Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder

Cost Effective Marketing

Cost-effective marketing tool that sends reminders only to customers who have already expressed interest in the product, increasing the conversion rates leading to a higher ROI for the merchant.

Template - Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder

Configurable Email Template

Configure the customer reminder e-mail template according to your choice and just customize its content with respect to each and every customer.

Whatsapp - Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder

Configurable WhatsApp Message Reminders

Configure the customer reminder message template according to your choice and just customize its content with respect to each and every customer and then you can send the reminders message to customers directly on their WhatsApp.

Configure - Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder

Easy to Configure

Hassle free configure since the module only requires setting up Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) connections and inputting reminder details with the inbuild as well as any external separate SMTP.

Email Template - Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder

Customizable Mail Content and Test Email

Customize the content of the customer e-mail for a single or a batch of customers i.e. mail body along with product details based on customer inactivity. It also includes a provision for testing the reminder email before sending it to the customer.

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Introducing our Premium Plan for Prestashop Cart Reminder module, packed with all the features you need, including flexible reminders, cost-effective marketing, configurable email templates, WhatsApp messaging reminders, easy configuration, and customizable mail content and test emails.

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$70* Price listed is for a single instance. Discounts are applicable for additional instances.

  • Flexible Reminders and Reminder Intervals
  • Cost-effective Marketing
  • Configurable E-mail Template
  • Configurable WhatsApp Messaging Reminders
  • Easy to Configure
  • Customizable Mail Content and Test Email

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Increased Sales

The primary benefit of the abandoned cart reminder module is that it can help merchants recover lost sales by reminding customers who have left items in their cart to complete their purchases. By sending timely and personalized reminders, merchants can encourage customers to return to their website and complete their purchases, leading to increased sales.

Saving time and effort

Abandoned cart reminder module automates the process of sending reminders to customers, saving you time and effort. You can set up the module once and let it run on its own, freeing up your time. Reduce loss of orders and increase the cart-to-order conversion rate and increase sales by 20%

Benefits - Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder
Custom Behaviour

The abandoned cart reminder module can also help merchants gain insights into customer behavior and preferences. By tracking the items left in the cart and the timing of the abandoned cart, merchants can better understand the reasons behind the abandoned cart and adjust their marketing and sales strategies accordingly.

Integration with SSO

Integrate Prestashop Cart Reminder with our Prestshop Single Sign-On module to establish a trust between the module and IDP to securely authenticate and enable customers to Single Sign-On into the site with our assistance.

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Cart - Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder Cost - Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder WhatsApp- Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder

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