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Product review and rating for Magento 2

Reviews and ratings in online shopping stores are made easier with Magento 2 Product Reviews extension. While store owners gain more feedback and improve service, customers benefit from useful information and a better experience.

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Summary of Review

With Better Product Reviews, you can see an overall assessment of a product through the Review Summary. The Review Summary section will show an overview of the reviews, the average rating, the recommendation percentage, and the star rating chart.

Customers can access the Review Summary to view a quick overview of products they are interested in. Consequently, you can compare items more easily, pay more attention to specific ones, and make a purchase decision more quickly.

Product review extension for Magneento 2 | Reviews in Magento | Customer Feedbacks Magento
Product review extension for Magneento 2 | Reviews in Magento |

Badge of verified purchase

The Verified Purchase badge appears beside the customer's nickname in the Better Product Reviews module. It is in this way that the product's quality can be enhanced.

In addition, customers will be more likely to purchase items with positive reviews and cases of real purchases. This is why the Verified Buyer mark looks simple, but it is highly effective.

Reviews of products with images

The Better Product Review extension also allows you to attach images to your review. Uploading some pictures of a product helps customers describe it more clearly and precisely.

Other than star ratings and descriptions, some images from customers are more trustworthy and useful to other visitors who are interested in the same item.

Product review extension for Magneento 2 | Reviews in Magento |
Product review extension for Magneento 2 | Reviews in Magento |

Sorting of Reviews

3 different criteria can also be used to sort specific reviews: Newest, High Rating, and Helpful.

Newest option: Provide fresh feedback about customers' favorites by displaying the most recent review.

High Rating option: Show reviews that have a high rating from customers. Customers can determine the number of positive reviews a product has based on that information.

Helpfulness: Display the number of helpful clicks on the reviews. By knowing which reviews have the most useful information, viewers can make better decisions.

More Features

Social interaction with reviews

Customers can quickly share reviews with friends on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more if they believe them to be useful. Customers can share reviews on a variety of social media platforms.

Shop response

A store owner can quickly respond to a review from the admin backend. As a result, there is more engagement between the store and its customers in the review section.

SEO-friendly reviews

Results from Google Search can display positive attitudes towards products. On the Google result page, the Magento 2 Product Reviews extension provides customers with a star rating and the number of reviews for the product.

In My Account, there is a reminder to review

After the list of reviewed products, the review reminder section will appear. This slider displays all the items that the customer has bought but has not reviewed. With just a click of a button, customers can easily view and add a review.

Reminder email for review

Magento 2 admin can set a time for emails to be automatically sent to clients asking them to review previous purchases. This primary feature facilitates the speedy collection of customer reviews.


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Product review extension for Magneento 2 | Reviews in Magento

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Product review extension for Magneento 2 | Reviews in Magento | Customer Feedbacks Magento

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Product review extension for Magneento 2 | Reviews in Magento |

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