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Protect WordPress Site Pages / Posts From Unauthorized Access

Protect WordPress Site Pages / Posts From Unauthorized Access

Looking for protecting your WordPress Site/Pages/Posts from Public Access? Do you want users to login before accessing your particular WordPress page? This feature is available in WordPress OAuth & OpenID Connect Single Sign-On (SSO) Plugin. You can protect your site using our WordPress OAuth OpenID Connect Single Sign-On (SSO) Plugin. Additionaly, Click here If you want to know how to enable Single Sign-On (SSO) Force Authentication between WordPress and Azure AD.

How it works?
  • This feature allows you to restrict site access only to the permitted users, When an unauthenticated user tries to access the site, they will be auto redirected to OAuth Login page for authentication. Once the user is able to authenticate successfully, they will be allowed to access the site resources.
  • You can choose to allow few of your posts/pages to be open for public access and at the same time restrict access to specific posts/pages.
  • Force Authentication functionality provided by our plugin increases the website security by restricting website access from unauthenticated users.

Use cases for Forced Authentication/Protect Complete Site:

Use Case 1: Do not allow login with WordPress Login form:

  • Protect your WordPress site from WordPress logins and allow them to login with Third party login. You can force redirect users to Third party login site and once they login, you can redirect them back to the main site.

    Page Restriction - login with Third party login

Use Case 2: Protect your Organization’s Employees, Assets, Customer information from unauthorized parties

  • Provide security to your organization and your employee’s most confidential and valuable information from being exposed to unauthorized parties by restricting access to permitted employees with the forced authentication feature of our plugin. This will help manage the records, logs and private information of the employees and establishes a threat management system.

    Page Restriction - Protect Employee'sinformation from unauthorized parties

Use Case 3: Protect your Student’s Confidential Information on University Website:

  • Protect your university website & sensitive information about your students and faculty files from unauthorized disclosure with our OAuth Client SSO plugin and provide access to only logged in students & faculties. Media files like PDFs, Images, course related videos and databases can easily be secured from unnecessary risk.

    Page Restriction - Protect Student’s Confidential Information

Use Case 4: Protect your WordPress Membership site from unauthorized parties:

  • Protect your membership service on a website and allow access to members specified by the administrator. Forced authentication will take care of any valuable data leak by restricting access to unauthorized users. You can choose to provide access based on user roles as well. Member data is secured and inaccessible to unauthorised user role.

    Page Restriction - Protect WordPress Membership site from unauthorized parties

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