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Restrict WordPress Site Based On Email Domains

Restrict WordPress Site Based On Email Domains

Do you want to limit/restrict login for SSO users based on email domains?

This feature allows you to restrict the SSO users login based on configured domains in the WP SSO plugin. You can allow/deny the user login based on email domains of the users that are present in your OAuth or OpenId Connect provider while doing SSO. This Domain Restriction feature is available in our WordPress OAuth & OpenId Connect Single Sign-On (SSO) Plugin. You can download the plugin using the following link.

How it works?
  • To allow only a particular group of users that can be distinguished by their email domain to login into your WP site, you can use this Domain restriction feature.
  • This feature is best suited when you have an organizational website and you want to only allow users with company domain to login.
  • This feature will secure your website and protect your user’s information over the internet ensuring that valuable resources do not fall prey to unauthorized parties.
  • Domain Restriction provides the functionality to allow or restrict the users of a particular domain to login or register.
  • It has the following 2 ways to use this feature :
    1. 1. Allow users to login with specified domains
      2. Deny users to login with specified domains

Use Case: Restrict Access to users based on email domains:

  • You have multiple users in your OAuth / OpenID provider having different email domains. Eg: ( , ( Each domain specifies to a certain company. And you want to allow only some company users to login into your WP site using their provider’s credentials. In that case, you can restrict other company users based on their email domains.

  • Only ( allowed access:

  • Domain restriction - Restrict Access to users based on email domains
  • Now, for eg. if you want users of ‘’ to not log in to your site, then you can simply enter in input tag of 'Restricted Domains' and save the settings. By deafult all domains in 'Restricted Domains' field will be restricted.

  • Domain restriction - Restricted Domains
  • ( restricted access:

  • Domain restriction - restricted access

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