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Cultivating Success:
The Puppy Culture Journey

miniOrange's expertise in Identity Access Management (IAM) and integration solutions helped Puppy Culture streamline its sales processes, increase sales, improve the user experience, and streamline operations across several platforms.

About Puppy Culture

Puppy Culture is dedicated to providing comprehensive resources and educational materials for raising happy, healthy, and well-adjusted puppies. Puppy Culture offers a holistic approach to puppy rearing, focusing on early socialization, positive reinforcement training, and enrichment activities to promote optimal development.

Puppy Culture believes that early socialization and positive experiences set the foundation for a well-adjusted adult dog. The company provides a range of resources, including instructional videos, books, online courses, and seminars, designed to guide puppy owners through every stage of their puppy's development.

Challenges faced by Puppy Culture

Puppy Culture faced significant hurdles in streamlining order synchronization across multiple platforms: Uscreen, LearnWorld, and Shopify. The disjointed experience forced users to create separate accounts on each platform, resulting in inconvenience and complexity. This fragmentation not only frustrated customers but also impeded sales and order processing efficiency for Puppy Culture.

Moreover, Puppy Culture aimed to enhance user convenience by allowing flexible course purchases, catering to diverse needs such as educators buying courses for their students. Another pressing challenge was ensuring seamless access to LearnWorld courses on Roku streaming devices, a vital aspect of expanding their reach and accessibility.

How miniOrange Helped Them?

miniOrange played a vital role in helping Puppy Culture integrate with Uscreen, LearnWorld, and Shopify and enabling Single Sign-On (SSO) for their Uscreen and LearnWorld LMS platforms using Shopify store credentials.

  • miniOrange helped Puppy Culture synchronize its courses across Uscreen, LearnWorld, and their Shopify store. When a customer purchases a course from the Shopify store, they will automatically gain access to the same course on both Uscreen and LearnWorld platforms. This eliminated the need for manual enrollment and reduced the risk of errors, simplifying Puppy Culture's sales and order management processes.

  • miniOrange improved the user experience and reduced login friction for Puppy Culture by implementing SSO functionality. This allowed users to access the Uscreen and LearnWorld platforms without needing separate login credentials, reducing the number of logins required and making the process more streamlined.

  • Moreover, miniOrange facilitated integration between LearnWorld and Roku streaming devices. When a customer purchased a course from the LearnWorld LMS, they could access the course directly on their Roku device without needing to create an additional account.

In essence, miniOrange's expertise allowed Puppy Culture to streamline its login process, and enhance efficiency, security, and user experience across its digital platforms, marking a significant milestone in its operational journey.

What Our Client Says

"miniOrange has become an integral part of our customer experience! While they offer a turnkey integration that is easy to set up and requires no coding, we needed more. We had unique requirements for selling physical and digital products (VOD) with bundles in our Shopify store, along with integrating VOD purchases with Uscreen. miniOrange impressed us with their expertise in setting up both Single Sign-On (SSO) and data synchronization between these platforms. If you're willing to collaborate and explain your specific needs, miniOrange will invest the time to develop a custom solution that achieves your goals."

Puppy Culture

"Most apps have occasional glitches, and contacting support can be a pain. But miniOrange's customer service, especially their tech support team, was fantastic! They weren't just helpful with troubleshooting, they even went the extra mile to improve the app by modifying or adding features. For instance, they set up a direct Zoom call with a developer to discuss the issues face-to-face. In my experience, that level of service is unheard of with other Shopify app developers."

Puppy Culture

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