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Key Features

Login using Shopify Credentials

Enable Single Sign-On (SSO) into your Uscreen site using Shopify credentials. Users can access their Uscreen platform using their existing Shopify credentials, which means they just need to login once to your Shopify store and will be instantly logged in to your Uscreen platform without reentering any credentials.

Restricted downloads

If some users are using online tools to download and share your course materials, such as videos on demand or files. You can use our app to create and sell online courses on your Shopify store that include text, images, videos, and other content while preventing unauthorised users from downloading the secured course content.

Buy for others

Allow end users to purchase on-demand courses or videos for themselves or to gift purchased courses to friends, family members, and other acquaintances. After successfully purchasing the course or video on demand, the end user can enter their own or the recipient's email address to grant access to that email address in the Uscreen platform.


Users are automatically enrolled in the uscreen course and access to membership video is given when they purchase a new product in Shopify. This reduces errors associated with incorrect videos/course assignments to users and also reduces the manual effort which reduces human errors.

Customer/Product Syncing

A two-way sync between Shopify & uscreen platform. Sync data like customer attributes, membership information, orders, etc in Shopify such that if a product is added to Shopify the same will be added to your uscreen platform.

User Synchronization

The integration automatically syncs any type of data that needs to be shared between Shopify and uscreen. Eg: Whenever a new or existing user updated their attributes in the Shopify store then with the help of our application the same attributes will be automatically updated in your Uscreen site.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Allow users to log in once and access all services without having to re-enter authentication credentials. For example, if a user successfully logs in to your Shopify store using their store credentials, they will be automatically logged in to the Uscreen platform without having to enter any credentials.

Courses expiry

When a user buys any course from Shopify its purchase date and expiry date can be easily synced with your uscreen platform. The expiry date will automatically be set on your uscreen platform once the course has been purchased in Shopify.

Increased Security

Since you have enabled SSO so login is smooth and on top of that MFA can be invoked along with risk-based authentication through which you can reduce the possibility of credentials being shared and increase your sales.

Access based on Subscription

Based on the user subscription in the Shopify store, admin can assign access to video on demand or courses. If a user's Shopify subscription expires, access to specific courses or video on demand will be automatically revoked from their Uscreen account.

Bundle Purchase

When a user purchases a product or course from your Shopify store, our application allows admin to set up an automated process to grant access to the bundle of courses or video on demand in the enduser's Uscreen account.

Access to users present in IDP

Keep your courses on the Shopify store private and secure by allowing only the users present in your IDP to access those courses. Any external users won’t be able to access any course of your Shopify store.

Token Gating

You can limit access to specific Courses on the website based on the NFT balance that is available in the user wallet by using NFT-based gated content.


miniOrange easily connects your Shopify store to the uscreen platform, allowing you to automate your work and devote more time to what matters most with no coding required.

Track users logging in via SSO

Through our application, you can check how many users are performing login into your uscreen site so that you can interact with your audience accordingly.

What is the purpose of Shopify Uscreen Integration?

The Shopify Uscreen integration connects Shopify to Uscreen, a video monetization service. With this integration, merchants can easily add Uscreen's video content to their Shopify store, monetizing their videos and creating a new revenue stream. Customers can also buy and watch videos directly from their Shopify stores. The integration gives merchants access to Uscreen's analytics and marketing tools, making it easier to track and optimise video performance.

Take Your Store to the Next Level

Upsell or highlight your featured collection on the Shopify login page whenever a user tries to log in using Shopify to your connected Uscreen platform. You can easily highlight your signature products on the Shopify Login page such that whenever a user is redirected to Shopify to login into Uscreen, he will be able to see your highlighted collection of products. Since he is already logged into Shopify he can easily make a quick purchase and head over to the connected Uscreen platform right after that.

With the Shopify Uscreen integration you can

Shopify usreen SSO  - shopify screen integration
  • Allow merchants to easily integrate Shopping Cart functionality into their Uscreen Platform.
  • To fully utilize the capabilities of your Uscreen platform, sync your orders, customers, products, and collections as custom post types.
  • Create an online store without writing a single line of code. You don't have to worry about starting from scratch.
  • Grow your online store by automatically adding products to their corresponding categories. For example, adding a fitness course to your sports store, or a cleanse to your supplement store.

Application Architecture

Features provided to end users by our application

End users can purchase the courses from the Shopify Store using our miniOrange Sync appication. If the end user has purchased the course for himself/herself, access to the same course will be granted to that end user in the Uscreen platform. If the end user has purchased a number of courses for someone else, such as family members, friends, or an acquaintance, the end user can go to the Shopify order history page and assign these courses to them by entering their email address in the field provided by miniOrange. From the Shopify order page, the end user can check whether the course has been assigned or not, as well as grant or revoke access to these courses in the Uscreen platform.

Feature provided to admin by our application

Our application allows the admin to grant access to the purchased courses in Uscreen paltform by the end users/students. The admin can search for the account from which the courses were purchased by searching for the email address in miniOrange Sync application and view all orders placed on that store. The admin can then manage/assign access to the purchased courses to any user in the miniOrange Sync application by simply entering their email address and clicking on the grant access button. The application will send an email to that end users/students with the invite link whose email address was entered. The user then only needs to click on the accept button to gain access to the course in the Uscreen platform.

Here’s just some of what you get

Anybody Can Integrate

Integrate Shopify and Uscreen in one Click And Save Time & Money without technical skills and with zero learning curve.

Simple Launch

With Shopify Uscreen integration, you can quickly launch your beautifully designed storefront and begin selling courses online.

Start selling quickly

A Shopify Usreen integration application is the quickest way to convert your Uscreen platform into an eCommerce store. This app makes it possible to sell your Usreen courses on the Shopify platform.

24/7 Support

Do you require assistance in configuring the automation? Our friendly support team is available to understand your requirements and assist you in automating.

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