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Reset Password for Azure AD B2C while Single Sign-On into WordPress

Reset Password for Azure AD B2C while Single Sign-On into WordPress

Forget your Azure AD B2C Password and still want to SSO? Well, this solution is provided in our WP OAuth SSO plugin. If you forget your Azure AD B2C account’s password but want to perform SSO using Azure AD B2C, click on Forget your Password on the sign-in page of Azure AD B2C and you’ll be able to reset password and SSO into WordPress.

Contact Us if you need assitance and we will help reseting your password for Azure AD B2C in no time.

Pre-requisites : Download And Installation

  NOTE: To Reset Password For Azure AD B2C, you need the OAuth Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin Premium version.

Steps to Reset Password For Azure AD B2C While Single Sign-On Into WordPress

1. Setup Azure Active Directory B2C as OAuth Provider

  • Sign in to Azure Portal.
  • Go to Home and in the Azure services, select Azure AD B2C.
  • Azure AD reset password login
  • Please make sure you are in the Azure AD B2C directory with an active subscription and if not, you can switch to the correct directory.
  • Password Reset Azure B2C user flow

2. Password Reset Policy Flow

  • Go to the User Flows tab in the left corner under Policies and then click on New user flow.
  • Azure B2C Reset Password new user flow
  • From Select a User flow type, select Password Reset.
  • From version, select recommended then click on Create button.
  • Azure B2C password reset
  • Enter a unique name for the creation of policy.
  • Enable Reset password using email address and then click on Create button.
  • Password Reset using email : Azure AD B2C
  • After successful policy creation, you will be redirected to the newly created policy’s overview page. If not, you can go to the user flows and search the name of your policy and you will find your policy in the list.
  • Copy the policy name.
  • Azure B2C password reset policy
  • Paste the Policy name in Reset Password Policy to reset your Azure AD B2C password.
  • Azure AD password policy

3. Steps to Reset your Azure AD B2C Account’s Password

  • If you forget your Azure AD B2C account’s password but want to perform sso using Azure AD B2C or test configuration, click on Forget your password in the sign in page of Azure AD B2C.
  • Azure B2C forget password
  • Enter the email address which you used to Create Azure AD B2C user, then click on Send verification code.
  • Verification code will be sent to the entered email address.
  • Azure B2C send verification code to reset password
  • Copy paste the verification code and click on Verify code.
  • Azure B2C reset password Verify code
  • When the entered code is verified, Click on Continue.
  • Azure B2C after verification continue to reset password
  • Now you can reset password and use it for further purposes.
  • Azure B2C reset password

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