Setup guide for Opencart

Step 1: Download and Add Extension

  • Download the extension from Opencart directory and add it to the opencart.
  • Login as administrator in opencart.
  • Go to Extensions>>Installer from the admin dashboard.
  • Click on the Upload Button and select downloaded miniorange saml sp extension.
  • After uploading zip successfully you should see the message. Success: You have modified extensions!

Step 2: Installing the extension to your opencart instance.

  • Go to Extensions>>Extensions and choose extension type as Module.
  • In the module list, you will see MiniOrange SAML SP. Click on the install button shown as [ + ] .
  • opencart saml sp
  • Now click on the edit button to start configuring the extension.
  • opencart saml sp

Step 3: Configuring the Extension.

  • In the application name field, you can add a name to be used while logging in with a single sign on.
  • Make status enabled to make it available in your view part of the store.
  • Copy the SP entity id and ACS Url from Service Provider Metadata tab. Provide these details to your Identity Provider.
  • In the Identity Provider Setup tab, provide all the required details to the extension.
  • In attribute mapping tab you can map attributes received from your identity provider to opencart customers directly using our extension.
  • Save the details provided by clicking on the SAVE button in the upper right corner.
  • For Example :
  • Idp Entity Id
    Idp Single Login URL / Single Sign On URL
    SAML x509 Certificate Upload the certificate downloaded from miniOrange Admin Console
    opencart saml sp

Step 4: Add MiniOrange SAML SP module

  • Add MiniOrange SAML SP module to your view layout.
  • Go to Design>>Layouts from the admin dashboard. Click on the Account Edit button.
  • Now choose the store ID and position of the module to display. In the dropdown select MiniOrange SAML SP and click on [ + ] icon.
  • You can add it to the multiple layouts just by selecting that particular category.
  • Save the settings after adding the module to the display.
  • opencard saml sp
  • Now whenever Customer will go to Account>>Register/Login page, He will see option to Login with {your_appname}.
  • If you want to Update Customer details/ Add New Customers based on what your identity provider sends, you can configure it using our Opencart SAML SSO extension.
  • opencart saml sp

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