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Setup LDAP / Active Directory Integration for Craft CMS

Setup LDAP / Active Directory Integration for Craft CMS

miniOrange LDAP / Active Directory Integration Plugin for Craft CMS allows you to login into your website using the credentials which are stored in your LDAP Server / Active Directory. This plugin provides a simple and secure method of LDAP authentication that is suitable for users with personal websites as well as enterprises with a significant number of users saved in their Active Directory.
You can perform authentication against various LDAP servers such as Microsoft Active Directory, Azure AD, OpenLDAP, FreeIPA, JumpCloud and more.

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LDAP/Active Directory Integration plugin for Craft CMS

By miniOrange

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LDAP Configuration

  • Select your Directory Server: Select your directory server from the dropdown.
  • LDAP Server: Select the directory server protocol (LDAP/LDAPS) from the dropdown then enter the hostname or IP address of the directory server and select the server port number (389/636).
  • Username: Enter the service account username.
  • Password: Enter the password of the service account username.
  • Search Base: Enter the search base in the given format. Users will be searched under the entered search base for authentication.
  • Username Attribute & Email Attribute: Enter the LDAP Username Attribute and Email Attribute. This will be the username for the LDAP users that log in to the Craft CMS website.
  • Click on the Test and Save Connection button.
  • ldap integration for Craft CMS LDAP Configuration

Test Authentication

  • Username: Enter the LDAP / Active Directory Username.
  • Password: Enter the LDAP / Active Directory Password.
  • Click on the Test Authentication button.
  • LDAP integration for Craft CMS Test user authentication

Settings

  • Enable the LDAP Login. This will protect your login page by your configured LDAP. Please check this only after you have successfully tested your configuration.
  • Click on the Save Configuration button.
  • LDAP integration for Craft CMS Sign-in settings

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