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How to setup OTP verification for Joomla over Email

The miniOrange OTP Verification Plugin for Joomla is used to verify the Phone number and Email address of the user during registration. This plugin verifies whether the Phone number or Email address given by the user during registration is correct or not.

Joomla OTP Verification over Email can be used to verify the Email address of a user by sending a verification code to the user's email address during registration.

Pre-requisites : Download And Installation

Steps to Setup Joomla OTP Verification over Email

1. Install Joomla OTP Verification Plugin

  • First log in to your Joomla Dashboard.
  • Then Click on System --> Extensions.
  • Install Joomla OTP Plugin Install Joomla OTP Plugin
  • Now click on Install from Web --> Search for 'otp' in the given field --> Then select OTP Verification for Joomla from the search results.
  • Install Joomla OTP Plugin
  • Click on Install --> and then click Install again.
  • Install Joomla OTP Plugin Install Joomla OTP Plugin
  • Now Finally click on Start Using miniOrange OTP Verification Plugin.
  • Install Joomla OTP Plugin

2. Configure OTP Verification over Email

  • Go back to your Joomla Dashboard.
  • Then click on Components --> miniOrange OTP Verification --> Account Setup. Here you can login into your miniOrange account or register for a new account if you don't have a miniOrange account already.
  • Install Joomla OTP Plugin
  • Now to enable OTP Verification during registartion, go to the Settings tab and check Enable During Registration.
  • Install Joomla OTP Plugin
  • Then finally select Enable OTP over Email Verification from the Verification Method dropdown menu.
  • Install Joomla OTP Plugin
  • Now click on Save Settings. You have successfully enabled OTP Verification over Email during user registartion.

3. Enable User Registration for Joomla

  • In order to allow user registartions in your Jooml site please follow the following steps.
  • In your Joomla Dashboard select Global Configuration.
  • Install Joomla OTP Plugin
  • Here select Users from the left hand navbar and then click on Enable User Registration.
  • Install Joomla OTP Plugin

4. Perform User Verification using OTP over Email

  • First go to your Login URL in a new private window.
  • Here click on the Create an account link.
  • Install Joomla OTP Plugin
  • In the registration page fill in all the required fields, and then click on the Register button.
  • Install Joomla OTP Plugin
  • You will get a new window where you must enter the OTP sent to your User's Email address and then click on Validate OTP.
  • Install Joomla OTP Plugin
  • Congratulations, you have successfully verfied the User's Email address during registartion.

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