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Guide to Setup Salesforce Using miniorange mo_authentication_selector package

  • Use the below link for installing package on salesforce
  • After step-1, it will show you the Login Page link. Enter the customer details on which you want to install the package.
  • ss
  • After providing valid credentials it will show you the following page
  • ss
  • Select the options for which you want to install the package & then click on Install button.
  • If you get the following page it means you have successfully installed the package.
  • ss
  • Click on Done & you will redirect to setup.
  • You need to create a public site for accessing redirect page before login. For that navigate to BuildDevelopSites & click on New button for creating a new site. Once you create site & then navigate to site details. If you already have a public site then you can skip this step.
  • Click on Edit button from Site Visualforce Pages.
  • ss
  • After this it will show you the all available Visualforce Pages.
  • ss
  • Select MO_SAMLLoginPage from Available Visualforce Pages & move it to Enabled Visualforce Pages. After moving the respective page click on Save.
  • ss
  • Now use the below URL for showing the new Redirect page to User https:// /apex/MO_SAMLLoginPage
  • After adding above URL It will show you the link for all community pages by using which you can logged in to respective Community/Organization.
  • ss

 Now you have added the Authentication Selector package in Salesforce. Now use the following steps to for creating SAML application in Salesforce using the newly created redirect page.

  • Navigate to SalesforceSetupBuildCreateApps.
  • ss
  • Under Connected Apps click on New. Enter the Connected App Name, API Name, Contact Email.
  • ss
  • Under Web App Settings, check the Enable SAML checkbox & enter the followings values & click on save.
  • Entity ID: SP-Entity ID / Issuer from Identity Provider Tab
    ACS URL: ACS (AssertionConsumerService) URL from Identity Provider Tab
    Subject Type: Username
    Name ID Fromat: urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:nameid-format:persistent
  • Now from left pane, under Administration Setup, select Manage Apps Connected Apps. Click on the App you just created. Under Manage Profiles, Select the profiles you want to give access to login through this app.
  • Under SAML Login Information, click on Download Metadata.
  • In miniOrange SAML plugin, go to Service Provider tab. Enter the following values:
  • Identity Provider Name: Salesforce
    SAML Login URL: Enter URL that you have created in Step-11
    IdP Entity ID: https://< your domain >
    X.509 Certificate: Paste the certificate value you copied from the Metadata file.
    Response Signed: Checked
    Assertion Signed: Unchecked
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