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How to Set Up No-Code Workflows with WP Automation

The miniOrange WP Automation Chef plugin makes it easy to create automated workflows on your website without needing to code. It helps you automate tasks and reduce manual work by allowing you to set up actions that trigger based on specific events. For example, you can set up alerts for events like form submissions, account registrations, or system notifications.

You can then define actions to happen automatically, such as sending emails, updating CRM records, calling external APIs, or posting messages to collaboration tools, etc. The plugin also supports integration with other applications, making it possible to create workflows that connect different platforms. This means users of any skill level can set up automated tasks and improve productivity without having to learn programming.

Step 1: Steps to configure Recipe

  • Go to the Automation Chef plugin and click on the “Add New Recipe” button.
  • No code wordpress automation - click on recipe
  • Choose the integration that suits your needs from the list provided.
  • No code wordpress automation - click on integration
  • Click on the event for which you want to configure the automation.
  • No code wordpress automation- click on event
  • You can also set the filters. Filters are the conditional logic on the top of the selected trigger.
  • No code wordpress automation- add filter
  • Choose a filter from the dropdown list and apply the desired condition logic to refine the selected event.
  • No code wordpress automation-choose filter  No code wordpress automation
  • Once done, click on Apply button.
  • No code wordpress automation-apply button

    Step 2: Steps to Add Action

  • Now, click on plus icon to add action.
  • No code wordpress automation- click plus button
  • Choose the action which you want to happen on the event trigger.
  • No code wordpress automation-choose action
  • Select any action that you want to set up. E.g we will select the “Create a group”
  • No code wordpress automation-create group
  • Fill in all the details and click on the Savebutton to configure the Automation.
  • No code wordpress automation-click save button
  • Now, the configured event will triggers, the action will get called. Now, you can see a list of all the configured, Active, and Inactive automations in the dashboard.
  • No code wordpress automation

Congratulations, you have successfully configured the no-code workflow for your website using WP Automation Chef plugin.

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