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Automatic Discounts to
Tagged Customers in Shopify

Shopify's Automatic Discounts to Tagged Customers feature allows you to manage and implement discounts in your Shopify store, making it easy to apply targeted discounts to specific customer segments based on their tags. Therefore, instead of manually applying discounts, use our application to save time and ensure accuracy.

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Are you trying to create an automatic discount for specific customers in your Shopify store?

Applying automatic discounts on Shopify products based on customer tags is a useful feature for targeting specific groups of customers. By using the Shopify LockOn - Content Restriction application, you can easily create and apply discount rules to ensure that only eligible customers can have the automatic discount code. This can be a great way to offer flexibility to your checkout process without having to create a separate online store for your VIP customers.


Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that many businesses use to manage their online stores. If you own a Shopify store and are looking for ways to increase sales and customer loyalty, one option is to offer discounts to your loyal customers. However, this includes the following challenges:

  • Ensuring that the discount system can handle increased traffic and a growing customer base without performance issues.
  • Ensuring that the discount system is secure and not prone to exploitation or abuse.
  • Providing a seamless user experience while applying automatic discounts and communicating the discount details to customers.
  • Provide Discounts based on First Time Customers, Returning Customers, Order Quantity, Certain Product Collections, Previous Purchases, Shopify Tagged Customers, etc.
  • Ensuring seamless integration with your customer segmentation system to accurately identify and categorize customers eligible for automatic discounts.

miniOrange Solution

The Shopify Content Restriction application is designed to give you complete control over your Shopify store's content. Our application lets you customize access levels and provide personalized experiences to your customers, whether you need to restrict specific pages, products, or entire collections or provide automatic discounts to specific customers.

With the Shopify Content restriction app, you can easily manage, restrict content, or provide discounts based on customer groups, membership levels, geographic locations, or any other criteria you specify. This allows you to personalize your offerings, protect sensitive data, and create exclusive content for specific segments of your audience.

Popular Use Cases

1. Discount based on previous purchases or for returning customers

Consider an online store that sells a wide range of products, from electronics to clothing. The owner of the store wishes to implement a customer loyalty program to reward and encourage repeat purchases. As a result, the owner provides personalized discounts based on a customer's purchase history. You can achieve this use case by using our Automatic Discount based on Purchase History feature, which will motivate customers to add more items to their cart to maximize their discount, resulting in higher average order values.

2. Automatic Discount To Shopify Tagged Customers

You own a Shopify store and want to implement a targeted promotional strategy that includes offering automatic discounts to customers who fit into specific segments identified by tags. Assume there are a few customers who have been labeled as a "VIP" customer in their Shopify user profile. Our application recognizes their VIP tag and automatically applies a 20% discount to their order as they add items to their cart and proceed to checkout, demonstrating appreciation for their loyalty. As a result of implementing our Automatic Discounts for Shopify-tagged Customers, Shopify store owners can implement a targeted and personalized approach to promotions.

3. Discount based on Order Quantity

magine a wholesale buyer looking to stock up on their supplies. They initially add 15 items to their cart, realizing they are just short of the 20-item threshold for a 10% discount. The system prompts them with a message like "Add 5 more items to your cart to unlock a 10% discount!" This encourages the customer to explore additional products and potentially increase their order quantity. By implementing our Discount Based on Order Quantity feature, the online store can effectively drive larger transactions, increase customer satisfaction, and position itself as a favorable option for bulk purchases.

4. Automatic Discount For First Time Customers

If you own a Shopify store and want to attract and retain first-time customers by offering an automatic discount on their first purchase, we have the ideal solution for you. Consider a first-time visitor to our Shopify store who explores various products. They are pleasantly surprised as they proceed to the checkout with a discount code of first-time announcing a 15% discount on their first purchase. The discount is automatically applied, resulting in a smooth and positive customer experience.


By setting up the Content restriction application on your Shopify Store, the merchants can create a more engaging and rewarding shopping experience, fostering stronger relationships with their customers. Some of these benefits include:

Increased Customer Retention: Personalized discounts based on customer tags foster a sense of exclusivity, encouraging customers to return for future purchases.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: Customized promotions show that you understand and appreciate your customers, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Optimized Marketing Spend: Targeted discounts help optimize marketing spend by focusing on specific customer segments, improving the return on investment.

Time Savings: Automatically generate and apply discount codes to orders, so you don't have to do it manually.

Easy Tracking: Track which customers used a discount code and how much they saved. This information can help evaluate the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns.

Real-Time Pricing Adjustments: Dynamic pricing adjustments can be made in real-time based on factors such as order quantity, cart value, or customer loyalty, ensuring responsiveness to market conditions.

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