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Key Features

Customer/Product Syncing

A two-way sync between Shopify & any CMS/CRM platform. Sync data like customer attributes, products, orders, member-specific pages, etc in Shopify such that if a new customer is added in Shopify the same will be added to your CMS/CRM platform.

SSO Login

Configure SSO with integration protocols such as SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, JWT, LDAP, API authentication, etc. into almost all CMS/CRM using Shopify credentials along with MFA features. Our solution ensures easy, secured, and seamless login to the CMS/CRM platform using a single set of credentials within minutes.

User Synchronization

The integration automatically syncs any type of data that needs to be shared between parties. Eg: Whenever a new or existing user logs in to your CMS/CRM site and updates their attributes, such as the user's full name and group memberships, etc. the same will be updated in your Shopify Store.

Insights and Analytics

CMS/CRM includes powerful tracking and reporting tools, allowing you to see everything that happens in your CMS/CRM and Shopify accounts. Get automatic notifications for comprehensive analytics that will give you a complete picture of your target customers, from sales to usage.

Track users logging in via SSO

Through our application, you can check how many users are performing login into your CMS/CRM, so that you can interact with your audience accordingly. you can also check how frequently a group of users has been logging into the Shopify store for a particular period of time.

Advanced Inbound Marketing

Shopify CRM integration compiles all data into one intuitive and powerful Shopify dashboard, empowering your marketing team to view valuable analytics information in real-time. Equipped with the right CMS/CRM integration, your team can rapidly respond to KPIs by creating, repairing, or updating site content as needed.

What is the purpose of Shopify CRM Integration?

With Shopify, it's never been easier to launch an online store. CMS/CRM is a global leader in the creation, publishing, and management of websites. The Shopify CMS integration provides you with out-of-the-box functionality. Your Shopify store can be integrated into any CMS/CRM platform with a single click. It's an excellent opportunity for those looking to break into larger CMS/CRM Platforms in order to increase their productivity.

Shopify SSO into CMS/CRM - shopify CMS/CRM integration - purpose
Shopify SSO into CMS/CRM - shopify CMS/CRM integration
With the Shopify CMS/CRM integration:
  • Add multiple Shopify accounts to synchronize data.
  • The admin can easily delete the Shopify account from the platform directly, and can easily delete users/leads from the CRM platform and the same will reflect in Shopify.
  • The admin can decide which products to import, either all products or only mapped category products.
  • Select the default category where the products will be imported from the Shopify store.
  • View the Store Category, Store Category Name, Shopify Category ID, Shopify Category Name, Published Date at Shopify, and Published Scope at Shopify.
Take Your Store to the Next Level

By providing layout options, rich media embeds, comment capabilities, and Previous/Next post navigation, an CMS/CRM integration can take your Shopify store to the next level and help you attract more potential customers to your site. MiniOrange can help you if you already have a catalog of existing content created on another CMS/CRM that you want to display on Shopify, or if you want to integrate a new CMS/CRM with your store for additional features and functionality.

Upsell or highlight your featured collection on the Shopify login page whenever a user tries to log in using Shopify to your connected CMS/CRM platform.

You can easily highlight your signature products on the Shopify Login page so that when a user is redirected to Shopify for login, he sees your highlighted collection of products. Because he is already logged into Shopify, he can easily make a quick purchase and then proceed to the connected CMS/CRM platform.

Shopify SSO into CMS/CRM - shopify CMS/CRM integration - upsell and shopify as idp
CMS/CRM with which you can integrate
SSO into Shopify using CMS -  Shopify CMS/CRM integration
SSO into Shopify using CMS -  Shopify CMS/CRM integration
SSO into Shopify using CMS -  Shopify CMS/CRM integration
SSO into Shopify using CMS -  Shopify CMS/CRM integration
SSO into Shopify using CMS -  Shopify CMS/CRM integration
SSO into Shopify using CMS -  Shopify CMS/CRM integration
SSO into Shopify using CMS -  Shopify CMS/CRM integration
SSO into Shopify using CMS -  Shopify CMS/CRM integration

Here's some of what you get

Anybody Can Integrate

Integrate Shopify and CMS/CRM in a single click and save time and money without any technical knowledge or learning curve.

Simple Launch

With Shopify CMS/CRM integration, you can quickly launch your beautifully designed storefront and start selling courses online.

Start selling quickly

The quickest way to convert your CMS/CRM into an eCommerce store is to use a Shopify CMS/CRM integration application.

More Secure

Add layers of Multifactor Authentication, such as 2FA and OTP login, to your existing login method to increase security.


Get access to SSO in the non-plus version of Shopify saving the cost to purchase Shopify plus version.

24/7 Support

Do you require assistance in configuring the automation? Our friendly support team is available to understand your requirements and assist you in automating.

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