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shopify subscription application - Accept recurring payment in Shopify

Key Features

Shopify ERP integration and data visualisation provide numerous benefits by automating business processes, increasing operational awareness, and providing organisations with greater control over their resources.

Track Items

With our app maintain clarity throughout the business process by tracking all of the production or distribution.

Inventory Market Analysis

With access to data such as seasonality, out of stock periods, average sales, trends, and product lead times, you can better understand how inventory performs on Shopify stores.

Shopify Order Management

User can evaluate/manage the data that is sync between ERP platforms and data visualization platforms, while simultaneously updating inventory levels across all business units.

Real Time Sync

Our application enables real-time inventory management and accounting for all stock corrections, returns, sales receipts, and purchases.

With Shopify ERP Integration you can
  • Connects Shopify with the leading ERP platforms and with various data visualizations platforms.
  • enable automated, bi-directional data exchange between Shopify and the warehouse
  • Sync Shopify Store data with the rest of your business so you can scale, manage your operations and make the best strategic business decisions.
  • Eliminates the need to wait for a daily report. Instead, provide employees with tools that will enable them to access inventory insights quickly and accurately so they can make the best choices.
  • Get an overview of your profit and costs, be in control of your tax calculation and reporting.
  • Customer, product , order information and more is synced between Shopify and your ERP to ensure the best customer experience.
  • Adapt to changing business models with visibility across purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, and warehouses.
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Problems We Can Resolve

Handling Data Visualization in Various Systems

Changes will be reflected across various systems whenever you add, amend or delete product information at any one place. It will increase accuracy and reduce laborious data entry.

Multi-location inventory count

Tracking and maintaining inventories across various locations.Products that are damaged or lost but are not removed from your inventory might potentially cause counting mistakes.

Delays in order processing and fulfilment

Send orders to third - party service providers, vendors, or warehouses automatically. Keeping a tight eye on your supply levels to avoid running out and causing delays in deliveries.

Accounting by hand

Transaction recording and management of payables and receivables are now automated procedures.


Integrate Your Systems

Custom data Visualization makes it simple to sync your inventory, orders, success, and returns between our applications and other commerce channels.

Simplify Methods

Free up your time to focus on growth. Assist in minimizing errors and delays by reducing manual tasks such as excel tracking and data export sales.

Total assessment

Learn about your best-selling products, most profitable sales channels, Premium customers, best suppliers, and even your best-performing marketing strategies in order to make profitable investments.

Improve your accessibility

Optimize your understanding of your stock and orders, as well as increased control over all channels and phases of the product life cycle.

End-to-end services

Allow retail to set up, optimize, and inspect your system on a regular time so that you can focus more on growth strategy.

24/7 Professional Support

A dedicated support team right at your fingertips via Ticket, Phone, Live Chat, and Email. They are available 24/7 even on holidays to support you.

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