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Key Features

Single Sign-On

Seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) experience to store users and they can access their Shopify Store with existing IdP credentials providing affiliated login experience with one time login.

SSO Integrations

miniOrange provides Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations with SAML protocol.

Existing User store integrations (SSO)

Provides real time Single Sign-On(SSO) access for users without having to move users from their existing user stores like Federated Identity Provider,Okta,Salesforce,Google Apps, etc.

Multiple IDPs Supported

Configure SSO support for multiple IDPs and authenticating different types of users with different IDPs.

Risk Based authentication

Enhancing security to your Shopify Store access avoiding Fraud prevention based on IP, Device, Location and Time based rules.

Widget/Shortcode to add IDP Login

Configure your login widget according to your store’s theme .Contact us at for customizing the widget specifically for you.


Easy to Configure

Login to your shopify store using SAML 2.0 compliant Identity Providers with easy configuration.

More Secure

Add more security to your existing login with added layers of Multifactor Authentication like 2FA and OTP login.

Redirect URL

Adding Redirect URL for switching users to specific page of Shopify Store after SSO or leaving blank for bringing them back to the page where SSO is initiated.


Get access to SSO in non-plus version of Shopify saving cost to purchase Shopify plus version

Easy to Integrate

Easily Integrate your existing SAML Identity Provider in Shopify Login with SAML Application to provide users login using their existing credentials and secure access to Shopify Stores.

24/7 Active Support

We provide world-class support and customers vouch for our support.

Step-by-Step Guide for configuring Shopify Single Sign On (SSO) APP

Step 1: Install and setup App

  • Install Shopify SSO App from Shopify App Store
  • Click on Install app button at right bottom of screen.
  • Accept the recurring charges shown by our App. After that you’ll be automatically redirected to Shopify SSO App home page.
  • Fill up different options available to customize the widget/login button which will be displayed at your store login page or you can move forward without customizing widget and use our already added default SSO widget

Step 2: Configure IDP for enabling SSO

  • Click on Setup IDP in the top left in navigation bar of Shopify SSO App. You’ll be redirected to identity provider menu of miniOrange.

    Single Sign-On (SSO)for Shopify (Plus and Non Plus), Configure IDP for enabling Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • In the right upper corner, select Add Identity Provider .

    Single Sign-On (SSO)for Shopify (Plus and Non Plus), Add Identity Provider
  • Select SAML protocol for SSO.

Configure SSO through SAML Identity Provider

Step 1: Getting details of SP metadata

  • Now click on the Click here link to get miniorange metadata as shown in Screen below.

    Single Sign-On (SSO) for Shopify (Plus and Non Plus), SAML SSO, Details of SP metadata
  • In SP -INITIATED SSO section Select Show Metadata Details.
  • Keep these values , as they will be used later on in configuring IDP of your choice.

Step 2: Configuring your IDP with miniOrange SP

  • Go to your IDP admin dashboard.
  • Create an application and select SAML as protocol.
  • Enter SP metadata details which you generated from miniOrange dashboard in your Identity provider application.
  • Get the following data from your IDP

    I. IdP Entity ID
    II. SAML Login URL
    III. Logout URL
    IV. SAML X.509 Certificate

Step 3: Setup the IDP

  • Go back to minOrange dashboard and go to Identity Provider-> Add Identity provider. Select SAML
  • Provide the required settings (i.e. Identity Provider Name, IdP Entity ID or Issuer, SAML Login URL, X.509 Certificate) from your IdP and save it.

    Single Sign-On (SSO) for Shopify (Plus and Non Plus),Select IDP details
  • After filling these fields click On Save Settings button to save the details
  • Go to Identity Providers tab.
  • Click on Select>>Test Connection option against the Identity Provider you configured.

    Single Sign-On (SSO)for Shopify (Plus and Non Plus), Test Configuration on configured IDP
We support all standard IDPs like Okta, Azure AD, ADFS, Onelogin, Google Apps, Salesforce, Ping Identity, etc.

Step 3: Testing IDP configuration

  • Go to you Shopify Store login page.
  • Click on login button you customized earlier.
  • You’ll be redirected to login page of IDP you configured earlier. Enter your account credentials
  • You’ll be successfully login to your shopify store.
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