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Key features

Social Network Providers

Single Sign-on through 20+ Social Login applications (facebook, google, discord, linkedin, etc) on any Android/iOS device.

JWT Authentication

JWT authentication ensures secure user login. We provide a JWT token which includes all the needed user information and enable the user to log in to your mobile application.

User Redirection

Redirect users to any page on your Shopify store after successful user login/registeration through social login applications.

Multipass Login

If you have a separate website and a Shopify store. Multipass login redirects users from your website to the Shopify store and seamlessly logs them in with the same email address they used to sign up to your original website.

Single-click Login

Secure Single Sign-on (SSO) with just one-click. Login made easy and convenient for your users.


Complete customization based on your specifications. You submit a request, and we will fulfill it exclusively for you.


Configuration is simple

Our Social login REST API / Mobile SSO app for shopify is the easy to configure. Just add the existing Credentials for the social login application and You're done.

Enhanced Security

Social Login is handled on the network providers side. This adds another layer of protection to your store's security.

Password-less Login

Over 77 percent of internet users believe that using social login to acquire access to a website is a good idea. You can use this to allow your users to log in to your store without needing to create a new account.

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