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Shopify web authentication with multiple 2fa methods

Key Features

New Login Experience

Log in to the Shopify Store using the Shopify Webauthn application using security hardware keys or built-in biometrics. There is no longer any need to remember the passwords.

Advanced Security

Shopify Webauthn application can be used to make your Shopify store more secure by enabling two-factor authentication. This will help protect your Shopify store from unauthorized access and protect your user data.


Shopify Webauthn application generates a unique pair of cryptographic keys for each website, third-party sites cannot access your account on other sites. Furthermore, your biometric data is never stored outside of your device.


Shopify WebAuthn application works with simple built-in or existing login methods such as Windows login, fingerprint authentication, and so on, removing the need for users to create new credentials.

Passwordless Authentication

The user is authenticated directly with the second layer of security without entering a password. You can specify whether you require a password and 2FA or only the second factor.

Prevent Account Sharing

The Shopify Webauthn application prevents users from sharing login credentials, which helps to secure the platform. User accounts should only be able to log in from one device at a time.

Access Control

Using the Shopify WebAuthn application, you can restrict priority access in the Shopify store to only recognized users and devices, or you can grant limited access to non-compliant devices and guest users.

Credential Pinning

Hide your login URL until the user is not validated in the store; otherwise, if the Shopify and client-side certificates match, the connection is valid. If they do not match, the Shopify WebAuthn application should reject the connection.

Device Restriction

miniOrange provides device restrictions to control and mitigate the risk of being hacked by managing account active sessions across multiple devices. If the login count exceeds the screen limit, log out the users from the previously logged-in device.

How WebAuthn works in Shopify?

All FIDO authenticators use public-key cryptography. During authentication, the user verifies his identity by displaying his Shopify store's private key. The Shopify Store administrator may also use attestation to ensure the authenticity of the authenticator used to generate the private key.

The private key of the authenticator is securely stored on the computer and cannot be stolen. In contrast, the public key is sent to the Shopify store. If the user wants to check his identity using the challenge-response protocol, he must prove to the server that he has the private key.

Replacing the Password with WebAuthn

Passwords are vulnerable because they are shared secrets. The idea behind FIDO2 and WebAuthn is to replace passwords with public-key cryptography. If the database containing user credentials is compromised, attackers will only have access to the public keys, which are useless without the corresponding private keys. The private key is kept safe on the computer, while the server monitors the public key and challenges the authenticator.

Shopify inventory sync and stock sync
Shopify inventory sync and stock sync
Enabling Web Authentication for your Shopify Store

miniOrange is currently the only way to get WebAuthn to work on your Shopify store. You will be able to use Web Authentication as a second factor when using our Two Factor Authentication application. miniOrange offers a secure two-factor authentication mechanism plugin for multiple platforms (Shopify, WordPress, Atlassian, Drupal, Magento, and Moodle), adding an additional layer of security to your company's databases and website. You will gain access to several authentication methods through these applications/plugins, which will prevent the user's credentials from being shared with anyone, on purpose or by accident. When a user enters the correct username and password, he or she is prompted with a second-factor authentication page in order to successfully log in. We provide 15+ authentication methods, including biometrics such as fingerprint or face detection, OTP via email or SMS, hardware token, QR code authentication, Google Authenticator, and more.

Problems the Shopify WebAuthn application can solve

The Shopify WebAuthn application can be used to help solve a variety of authentication, authorization, and security issues. It can help improve online account security by replacing passwords with a secure two-factor authentication process. Furthermore, it can reduce the risk of phishing attacks, and credential theft, enable faster and more secure access to online services, as well as make it easier for users to access their accounts across multiple devices and platforms. Finally, by allowing users to use a single sign-on process for multiple services and by providing a secure, encrypted connection between users and services, the Shopify WebAuthn application can help protect users' privacy.

Shopify inventory sync and stock sync
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