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The Singapore government has mandated the registration of a sender ID for sending SMS in Singapore. The process for registering a sender ID is very complicated and expensive. We offer a solution for sending SMS in Singapore without the need for the tedious and expensive process of registering a sender ID. Using a miniOrange sender ID simplifies the entire process. Our solution provides a more accessible and cost-effective way to send SMS in Singapore.

What is the Full SSIR Regime?

Under the Full SSIR Regime, organizations wishing to send SMS to Singapore mobile numbers are required to register any alpha/numeric/alphanumeric Sender IDs they use.

  • As per Singapore government rules, sender ID registration is compulsory from 31 January 2023, to protect customers from receiving fraudulent SMS messages that spoof the organizations’ SMS Sender IDs. This means that for sending SMS in Singapore, it is compulsory to register your sender ID.
  • For Singapore sender ID registration, there will be a one-time setup fee of $500 for each registered organization and an annual charge of $200 for each registered Sender ID.
  • You can register your Sender ID(s) through the SSIR portal, and it will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis following the Rules of Registration.

What happens if you don't register Sender ID with SSIR?

Non-registered SMS Sender IDs will be labeled as "Likely-SCAM". This operates similarly to a spam filter and spam bin. The "Likely-SCAM" might also be removed after a few days.

Why use miniOrange Sender ID?

  • If you use miniOrange Sender ID for registration, you can skip the entire process of Singapore Sender ID registration.
  • There are no annual or setup costs for the miniOrange Sender ID.
  • You just need to purchase transactions from miniOrange and enjoy a lifetime validity. This means you can send OTPs as long as you have transactions in your account.
  • Using a miniOrange sender ID ensures that your SMS will be sent seamlessly without any delivery hold.
miniorange sender ID used for send SMS to Singapore


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