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Easygenerator Single Sign-On (SSO) With WordPress as OAuth Server | Easygenerator Using WordPress

Easygenerator Single Sign-On (SSO) With WordPress as OAuth Server | Easygenerator Using WordPress

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WordPress OAuth Server plugin enables Single Sign-On (SSO) into the Easygenerator app using your WordPress username and password. Once you configure the Easygenerator with WP OAuth Server plugin, you can login to your Easygenerator application using WP credentials. OAuth Server plugin also allows you to send custom WordPress user attributes to your Easygenerator app as per your requirements. To know more about other features we provide in WP OAuth Server plugin, you can click here.

Download And Installation

  • Log into your WordPress instance as an admin.
  • Go to the WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins and click on Add New.
  • Search for a WordPress OAuth Server Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin and click on Install Now.
  • Once installed click on Activate.

Steps to configure WordPress Login into Easygenerator

1. Setup WordPress as OAuth Server

2. Setup Easygenerator as OAuth Client

  • Please fill in this default form and contact if you want to setup OAuth 2.0 integration between your platform and Easygenerator courses.
  • Client ID : Click Here
    Client Secret : Click Here
    Scope: profile openid
    Authorize Endpoint: https://< your-wordpress-domain >/wp-json/moserver/authorize
    Access Token Endpoint: https://< your-wordpress-domain >/wp-json/moserver/token
    Get User Info Endpoint: https://< your-wordpress-domain >/wp-json/moserver/resource
    Method type : GET
    Example response: {"ID":1,"preferred_username":"admin","email":"",
    "given_name":"admin","family_name":"admin","name":"admin admin","nickname":"admin"}

3. Access Easygenerator courses from WordPress

In this Guide, you have successfully configured Single Sign-On (SSO) into Easygenerator app with WordPress as OAuth Provider and Easygenerator as OAuth Client using our WP OAuth Server plugin.This solution ensures that you are ready to roll out secure access to your Easygenerator app using WordPress site credentials within minutes.

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