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Single Sign-On (SSO) in Invision Community using Joomla Oauth Server

Single Sign-On (SSO) in Invision Community using Joomla | OAuth SSO

If you want to login to your Invision Community as Oauth Server,  you can simply do it using our Joomla OAuth Server plugin. Once you configure the Invision Community with Joomla OAuth Server plugin, you can login to your Invision Community as Oauth Server application using Joomla credentials. It also allows you to send custom user attributes to your Invision Community site as per your requirements. To know more about other features we provide in Joomla OAuth Server plugin, you can click here .

Guide to Configure Invision Community with Joomla :

Step 1: Configure Single Sign-On (SSO) settings in Invision Community

  • Go to and sign in/login.
  • In your Dashboard, go to Left Panel -> Settings and click on Login & Registration. Click on Create New
  • Invision_Community, Registration
  • Select Other OAuth 2.0 as handler and click on Continue.
  • Invision_Community, Selection of Oauth
  • You need to copy the Callback URL .
  • Invision_Community,Callback URL
  • Go to Joomla Oauth Server (from step 2.2) plugin, enter Client Name and paste the Callback URL then click on Save client
  • Invision_Community,Callback URL.
  • Copy the the Client ID and Client Secret-Key
  • invision_community,ClientID-and-Secret-Key
  • Enter Client Identifier and Client Secret which you have received while configuring Joomla.
  • Invision_Community, Application Settings
  • Enter the details of Endpoints URLs (from step 2.3) from joomla Oauth Server plugin in Configure Client tab.
  • Invision_Community, Endpoints
  • Click on Save
  • Invision_Community, Save settings

Step 2: Configure Joomla as an OAuth Server

  • Go to ComponentsminiOrange OAuth ServerConfigure OAuth. Click on ADD button to add the client under Configure Oauth tab.
  • Invision_Community,configure Oauth

  • Fill the required fields. Client Name (can't change once configured) and Authorized Redirect URI / Callback URL then click on Save Client ( you could get from client )
  • Invision_Community,configure Oauth Server

  • Go to Configure Client. Fill the details (Scopes: email, profile) in the client plugin.
  • Invision_Community,configure Oauth

You have successfully configured Invision Community with miniOrange Joomla OAuth Server for SSO

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