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Shopify Social Login | Configure Login Application In Shopify Store

Key Features

No setup required

We provide Pre-configured applications for social login. When you add our app to your store your users can directly start using social login. Our app requires no setup on your part. Just add our app and you are ready to rock and roll!

User login

Leave usernames and passwords behind by letting users log in through social login. Securely login users for fast business with the best Social Login App for Shopify. Purchasing from a Shopify store has never been this hassle-free.

Secure Login

Leave usernames and passwords behind by letting users login through social login. Securely login users for fast business with the best Social Login App for Shopify.

Feature Rich

Tones of features will be at your fingertips if you use our Social Login app. To name a few, you can customize social login icons, display them on the login or registration page, choose from a large roster of social media and networking applications & have user analytics at your hands. We are always adding more applications and features so watch this space.

Customizable icons

You can always have the option of customizing the social login icons. Add any color or any shape you want to the icons. We provide really flexible customization features for social icons.

Account Linking

Whenever users login through any social media accounts their accounts get linked in the user database. If they have two social media accounts on the same email address then they can use any of the social login methods to login. Their account is linked so they don't have to worry about losing their data.


Easiest to Configure

Our Shopify Social Login app is the easiest to configure. Just add the app from Shopify Marketplace and that's it! You're done.

Secure & Safe Login

Single Sign-on is and will always be the safest method to use any service. With our Shopify Social login app, we provide the same for your store.

Increased User Base

Increase your user base through safe, secure, and swift Single Sign-on through Social Networking Applications. Users can easily sign-in through social login.

Free, Fast and Easy

Whenever anyone visits your store they can simply click on the social login button and simply start using your website.

Registration Through Social

With social login, users can safely login to Shopify without worrying about data theft. Any user account can be created with just an email address.

24x7 support

If you are running into problems, you're facing any issues or if you simply require assistance then you can just reach out to us. We are always here to help you out with your requirements.

Plans For Everyone


  •   20+ Social Login Networks
  •   Unlimited Login & Registration
  •   Login/Logout Redirection
  •   Email Verification with OTP
  •   Essential Support
  • $9.99/month



  •   20+ Social Login Networks
  •   Include All Standard features
  •   Klaviyo Integration
  •   MailChimp Integration
  •   HubSpot Integration
  •   Multipass Login
  • $14.99/month


    Step-by-Step Guide for configuring Shopify Social login Application

    Configure Social Login On Shopify

    • Visit to on shopify marketplace. Click on Add app to install it on your store.
    • shopify social login
    • Log in to your shop admin and go to the Settings > Checkout page. Scroll down to the Customer Accounts section and ensure that you have selected Accounts are required as an option.
    • Social Login shopify account settings
    • Now go back to the Apps section. Select miniOrange social login form the apps list in that it will take you to the miniOrange social login dashboard.
    • Social Login configure apps
    • Next, If you need to customize your icons you can edit them from the customize icons tab. Make it feasible and attractive to your website.
    • Social Login customize icons
    • Go to the Online Store > Themes. In the Templates folder, insert the embed code <div id="mo_openid_login"></div> Into the customers/login.liquid file. Of course, you also can put this code to another template file, section or page.
    • Social Login shopify editcode Social Login shopify shortcode
    • Now go to your login and registration form there you will get your enabled social login icons displayed on forms.
    • Social Login shopify login icons

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