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Spring Boot Integrations | Connect Spring Apps with any system

Spring Boot Integrations | WP, Drupal, Azure AD/B2C, Okta, any IDP/app/system | SpringBoot Banner

Key Features

Single Sign-On

Seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) experience to store users and they can access their Spring Boot Store with existing IdP credentials providing affiliated login experience with one time login

Pre-integrated Apps

Easily Integrate Apps like WordPress,Drupal,Shopify with your Spring Boot Application and allow users access to these apps easily.

Multiple IDPs Supported

Configure SSO support for multiple IDPs and authenticating different types of users with different IDPs

LDAP/AD Integrations

Easily connect your Spring Boot Application with Active Directory using LDAP protocol.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure your Spring Boot application with authentication methods like Google Authenticator, OTP over SMS, OTP over email, Push notifications etc.

Integration with Mobile Apps

Sign in into your mobile apps seamlessly using our Spring Boot SSO module

User Provisioning / De-Provisioning

Perform real time user provisioning from popular IDPs like Azure AD, Okta to your Spring Boot application.

Login with Social Providers

Login into your Spring Boot application with social providers like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

Our Supported Integrations

miniOrange Spring Boot SSO plugin helps you to integrate with any IDP (Identity Provider) of your choice ADFS, Azure AD, Okta, Onelogin, AWS Cognito, GSuite/Google Apps, Keycloak, Salesforce, IdentityServer4 etc. Spring Boot SSO solution can be easily configured with any of the Directory like Active Directory, LDAP or any of your directory in the cloud. Spring Boot SSO by miniOrange also allows Organization's or users to use the same set of login credentials that they use across their services and sites in order to access the Spring Boot accounts.






Google Apps



Amazon Cognito



Office 365






Sun Active Directory






AWS Cognito

Microsoft Active Directory

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 SpringBoot Integrations

Seamless SSO

Our Spring Boot plugin provides a simple and seamless SSO integration for your customers to your Spring Boot application.

 SpringBoot Integrations

Easy Configuration

Easily configures the Identity Provider and integrates the API between Spring Boot application and IDP.

 SpringBoot Integrations

Increased Security

Increased security and reduced costs by eliminating the possibility of idle user accounts and unauthorized information access.

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