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Why do we need
Single Sign-On (SSO)?

The importance of Single Sign-On (SSO) for Simplified Access and Security

  • SSO simplifies the authentication process for users by allowing them to use a single set of credentials to access multiple platforms and services. This eliminates the need to remember and manage numerous usernames and passwords for different websites.

  • By integrating with a government-issued ID, SSO adds an extra layer of security to user authentication. This approach reduces the risk of identity theft and data breaches as users' identities are verified through a trusted identity provider.

  • For enterprise websites, SSO improves user management. The miniOrange Single Sign-On plugin can integrate with WordPress and provide role-based access. This ensures authorised access for customers and staff, boosting data security and control.

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miniOrange WordPress SSO plug-in can be used with Criipto to enable organisations like e-commerce platforms to securely and seamlessly authenticate customers using eIDs like MitID, BankID, FTN, DigiD, etc. The SSO plug-in can redirect the user to the Criipto authentication page and verify them based on their government ID before making any payment on the e-commerce platform at checkout. If the user is not verified, then the plug-in restricts the user from making the purchase.

Criipto WordPress SSO

Integrating our WordPress Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin with FranceConnect is a great way to enhance user authentication and offer personalized access to your WordPress website based on a user's citizenship or location. FranceConnect is a French government initiative that provides a secure way for citizens to access various online services using a single set of credentials.

FranceConnect WordPress SSO

Integrating WordPress SSO with Signicat can enable WP websites that operate on a membership model to register new customers based on their national ID or digital IDs like passports or driver’s licenses and existing users based on MitID to access the site.

Signicat WordPress SSO

WordPress Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin with FrejaID helps organizations facilitate secure access to the WP website and supports advanced features such as user profile attribute mapping, role mapping, etc. for citizen & non-citizen roles. This can help organizations redirect new users to the login/create account page on the first-time login.

FrejaID WordPress SSO

Organizations can set up Single Sign-On (SSO) using Singpass to authenticate users based on Singapore government issued ID to offer access to region-specific WordPress websites. The plug-in can be implemented on public sector websites to make sure that only verified citizens of Singapore can use their services.

Singpass WordPress SSO

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