Step by Step Guide for setting up two factor authentication for Magento

miniOrange Two-Factor Authentication is a highly secure & easy to setup Two-Factor Authentication for your Magento site. Rather than relying on a password alone, which can be phished or guessed, miniOrange Two Factor authentication adds a second layer of security to your Magento accounts. It protects your backend and frontend from hacks and unauthorized login attempts.

Step 1: Download the plugin by clicking on the link below

Step 2: Install the extension in Magento

Install the Extension

  • Go to SystemMagento ConnectMagento Connect Manager from the navbar.
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  • Enter your Magento Username and Password.
  • In the Extensions tab under Direct package file upload section select choose file and select the .tgz file that you had downloaded.
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  • Click on upload and wait till the extension is installed.
  • Go back to Admin Dashboard by clicking the Return To Admin link at the top.
  • Logout and Log back into Magento backend.
  • Go to MiniOrangeTwo Factor Configuration from the navbar and follow instruction to configure the extension.

Disable Cache & Compilation

  • Log into your Magento Backend.
  • Go to SystemToolsCompilation from the navbar.
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  • Disable Compilation by clicking the "Disable" button on the upper right hand corner.
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  • Go to SystemCache Management from the navbar.
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  • Select ALL cache types and choose the Disable option from the action dropdown. Then click on Submit.
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Step 3: Configure the plugin in Magento

  • Register with miniOrange.
  • After registering, Choose the Two-Factor method required.
  • The method can be tested in the plugin itself.
  • Now set the role for which you want to enable Two-Factor.
  • After the above steps logging in again using the Two-Factor method.

You can choose from any of the above authentication methods to augment your password based authentication. miniOrange authentication service works with all phone types, from landlines to smart-phone platforms. In the simplest case, users just answer a phone call and press a button to authenticate. miniOrange authentication service works internationally and has customers authenticating from many countries around the world.

miniOrange Authentication and Single Sign-on products have ready integrations with a number of leading providers, these ready solutions allow enterprises quickly increase the security of information and resources without worrying about time for initial set up or future upgrades.

Click here to see our step by step guide for Single Sign on.

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