Step by Step Guide to enable miniOrange WordPress SAML/WS-FED as IDP

Login using WordPress Users (WP as SAML IDP) Plugin acts as a SAML 2.0 Identity Provider which can be configured to establish the trust between the WordPress and various SAML 2.0 supported Service Providers to securely authenticate the user using the WordPress site.

Here are the Step by Step guides for different Service Providers for WordPress.

Not able to find your SP? Contact us at and we'll help you set up SSO with your SP in no time.

Tableau Online as SP

Tableau Server as SP

Zoom as SP

Zoho as SP

Cognito as SP

Moodle as SP

FreshDesk as SP

NextCloud as SP

Canvas LMS as SP

Absorb LMS as SP

TalentLMS as SP

HubSpot as SP

Jira 2.0.0 as SP

Owncloud as SP

Zendesk as SP

WordPress as SP

Box as SP

Slack as SP

LinkedIn as SP

Trello as SP

Qlik Sense as SP as SP

RingCentral as SP

BlueJeans as SP

Inkling as SP

Panopto as SP

Klipfolio as SP

RocketChat as SP


Salesforce as SP

GoogleApps as SP

Jira as SP

ClicData as SP

Mediasite as SP

Higher Logic as SP

LearnUpon as SP

iSpring as SP

Frontline Education as SP

Articulate 360 as SP

360Learning as SP

SAP Litmos LMS as SP

Lessonly as SP

Tovuti as SP

Easy LMS as SP

Brightspace as SP

Blackboard as SP

AdobeCaptivatePrime as SP

Joomla as SP

Step 1: Download and install Login using WordPress Users (WP as SAML IDP)

From your WordPress dashboard

  • Click on PluginsAdd New tab.

  • Search for SAML IDP. Install Login using WordPress Users (WP as SAML IDP) Plugin.

  • Activate the plugin from your Plugins page.


  • Download Login using WordPress Users (WP as SAML IDP) plugin by miniOrange.

  • Unzip and upload the miniorange-wp-as-saml-idp directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Click Activate on Login using WordPress Users from your Plugins page.

Step 2: Configure the plugin

  • After activating Login using WordPress Users plugin, go to the WordPress IDP and then navigate to the Service Providers Tab.

  • Fill in your Service Provider details like SP Name, SP Entity ID, ACS URL, NameID Format and Check the Assertion Signed checkbox. You will get these details from your Service Provider.

  • Click on Save button once you have entered all the complied information.
  • You can find the details to configure your Service Provider under the IDP Metadata tab.

  • In order to verify if your configuration is correct, please initiate the login flow from your Service Provider in an incognito window.
  • You would be redirected to the WordPress Login Page.
  • If the plugin is configured correctly, you will be logged into your Service Provider successfully.

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