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Step by step guide to enable miniOrange Wp Security Pro Plugin

Step 1: Download and install miniOrange Wp Security Pro

wp-securityFrom your WordPress dashboard

  • Click on PluginsAdd New tab.
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  • Search for WP Security Pro. Find and install the plugin.
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  • Activate the plugin from your Plugins page.
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  • Download WP Security Pro plugin.
  • wp-security
  • Unzip and upload the miniorange-wp-security-pro directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate plugin from your wordpress dashboard.

Step 2: Setup miniOrange Wp Security Pro Plugin

  • Register with miniOrange and fill out the form as shown below
  • wp-security wp-security
  • Select the security feature required.
  • Features Provided

    • Login Security
      • Brute Force Protection
      • Brute Force Protection protects your site from attacks in which the hacker tries to gain access to a site by using random usernames and passwords and attempting to login repeatedly.

        Do the following steps to enable Brute Force Protection

        • To activate, check "Enable Brute Force Protection".
        • wp-security
        • You can set the minimum number of times the user can attempt to login before their IP is blocked.
        • Choose the period to be blocked.
        • Click on Save.
        • wp-security
      • Google reCAPTCHA
      • Google reCAPTCHA uses adaptive CAPTCHAs to prevent automated softwares from engaging in abusive activities on your site while allowing genuine users to pass through easily.

        Here are the steps to enable Google reCAPTCHA

        • To activate, check "Enable Google reCAPTCHA".
        • wp-security
        • To use reCAPTCHA, first you need to register your domain/website.
        • Enter Site key and Secret key that you get after registration.
        • You can click on Save or Test reCAPTCHA Configuration.
        • wp-security
      • Enforce Strong Password
      • This feature checks the strength of your passwords, thus enhancing the security of your accounts as simple passwords can be guessed easily.

        Here are the steps to enable strong passwords

        • To activate, check "Enable Strong Passwords".
        • Choose accounts for which you want to enable password security.
        • Click on Save.
        • wp-security
    • Registration Security
      • Block Registerations from fake users
      • This feature detects fake or temporary email addresses entered by users and stops accepting registrations from these emails.

        Do the following steps to block registerations from fake emails

        • To activate, check "Enable blocking registrations from fake users".
        • wp-security
    • Content & SPAM
      • Content Protection
      • Content Protection contains options which allow you to Prevent access to your wp-config.php file, Prevent directory browsing and to Disable File Editing from WordPress Dashboard.

      • Comment SPAM
      • This feature checks whether your website is generating SPAM to prevent your website from getting blocked by search engines. Also we help you to filter comments for malware and phishing urls.

        There are two options available

        • Comments SPAM blocking by robots or automated scripts.
        • Google reCAPTCHA verification for comments To use this option, first you have to register your domain/website and enter the site key and secret key which you receive after registration.
        • wp-security
    • Backup
      • Database Backup
      • This feature allows to backup your database easily with a single click. Your backup is saved under db-backups folder inside wordpress directory.

    • IP Blocking
      • IP LookUp
      • This feature gives you details of an entered IP address like region, country, Internet Service Provider etc.

      • Manual Block IP's
      • This feature allows you to block individual IP addresses.

      • Whitelist IP's
      • IP whitelisting allows you to create lists of trusted IP addresses or IP ranges from which your users can access your domains.

    • Notifications
      • Email Notifications
      • This feature enables email notifications to administrator if an IP address is blocked or to users if any unusual activity happens with their account.

  • After selecting the appropriate feature follow the instructions given and save the settings.

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