Step by Step Guide to Setup ADFS as IdP For Drupal

STEP 1: In the Identity Provider tab of the plugin, click on the metadata URL and save the data as an XML file.

STEP 2: In ADFS, click on Add Relying party Trust. Then click on Start.
STEP 3: In Specify Display name: Enter Display name. Click Next.

STEP 4: In Configure Multi-factor Authentication Now, select I do not want to configure multi factor authentication settings for this relying party trust. Click Next.
STEP 5: In Choose Issuance Authorization Rules, select Permit all users to access this relying party. Click Next.
STEP 6: In Ready to Add Trusts, select click Next.
STEP 7: Check Open the Edit Claim Rules dialog and click close. Click Add rule and then select Send LDAP Attributes as Claims. Enter the following:

  • Claim rule name: Attributes.
  • Attribute Store: Active Directory.
  • LDAP Attribute: E-Mail-Addresses.
  • Outgoing Claim Type: Name ID Click Finish.


STEP 8: In miniOrange SAML module, go to Service Provider Setup tab. Enter the following values:

Identity Provider Name: ADFS
SAML Login URL: https://<your_ADFS_domain>/adfs/ls
SAML Logout URL: https://<your_ADFS_domain>/adfs/ls
IdP Entity ID: http://<your_ADFS_domain>/adfs/services/trust
X.509 Certificate: Paste the certificate value you copied from the ADFS Metadata file.
Response Signed: Unchecked
Assertion Signed: Checked
Enable Login with SAML: Checked