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shopify subscription application - Accept recurring payment in Shopify

Key Features

Auto Debiting

Let your customers offering a seamless and enjoyable product experience with Shopify Subscriptions.

Mixed Carts

Allow users to manage and buy subscription and one-time products in one go

Daily Analytics & Insights

From an increase in sales to retention, with data-driven technology, everything becomes so easy to track.

Suggest Subscription plans

Suggest related products or services to customers as they manage their subscriptions.

Automated Billing

Automatically generates and charges customers on a recurring basis based on their subscription plan.

Subscription Management

Allow customers to manage their subscriptions, including changing plans, pausing and canceling subscriptions, and adding/removing items from their subscriptions.

Customer Notifications

Keep your customers engaged via Whatsapp, Email, and SMS throughout the subscription journey.

Discounts & Coupons

Provide discounts or coupons to incentivize new signups or reward loyal customers for staying with your service for a longer period of time with the Shopify Subscription application.

Online recurring payments and subscription billing

Simple to set up and use on any shopify store. No contracts, cancel anytime.

Encourage your Customers

Control and manage your customers' subscriptions directly from the Shopify Subscription application dashboard.

Schedule payments automatically

Your customers' recurring payments will be scheduled and charged automatically by our Shopify Subscription application

Accept payments anywhere

Accept payments easily from your store, phone or tablet, email.

Transform subscription delivery

Increase customer satisfaction and retention by using the Shopify Subscription application to implement a dependable, automated subscription billing process.

Form new business models

Using the Shopify Subscription application, you can monetize any combination of usage, one-time, and subscription-based consumption.

Save time on Sales and billing

You can use the Shopify Subscription application to simplify and harmonise sales and payment processes, resulting in a faster, more effective experience.

Checkout & embedded payment widgets

To begin accepting recurring payments for subscriptions, you do not need to know how to code. Simply insert our widgets into your existing Shopify store and you're ready to go! Connect widgets to create a custom checkout funnel. Everything should be customised to reflect your brand's identity.

Manage customers, orders and products on our admin dashboard

Our admin dashboard allows you to manage customers, orders, and products. You can view customer profiles, create and edit orders, and manage product information such as inventory and pricing. You can also view reports on customer activity, sales trends, and more. Our dashboard also allows you to customize your settings and preferences to fit your business needs.

Increase The Average Order Value

Combine multiple items into one collection and allow customers to create a bundle or add a one-time item to a subscription order to increase sales for all types of shoppers.

shopify subscription application notification widgets emails

Shopify Subscription is a fully customizable referral program that allows you to expand your reach and revenue by leveraging your existing customers. Rather than complicated rewards programs, we believe that a simple referral program that is simple for customers to understand and simple for your team to administer is the best way to grow your business.


Shopify Subscription is a simple way to power a private membership program. You can set up a digital content portal, offer free shipping and discounts, or link your physical products to specific content. Membership programs in stores encourage brand loyalty by providing regular rewards and access to customers who pay on a monthly or yearly basis.


Shopify Subscriptions is our solution for providing subscriptions, subscribe-and-save, memberships, and repeat orders on your Shopify store. Shopify Subscription is designed for businesses that require a more comprehensive and customizable subscription solution. We leverage our existing platform before custom-building the features and integrations required to realize your company's subscription ambitions.

Key Capabilities

Continuous differentiation with faster innovation

Provide an appropriate mix of subscriptions, one-time fees, and usage-based charges.

Allow subscription product adaptation and the creation of personalised offers.

Easily set up in minutes in your Headless (Hydrogen) Shopify Store.

Comprehensive subscription lifecycle management

Create subscription contracts that are as flexible as you want them to be.

Allow for real-time subscription changes with billing updates.

Ensure that cancellations are automatically prorated, including backdated requests.

Customer experience success based on outcomes

Sell outcomes and experiences rather than products and services.

Iterate quickly on offers using a global view of customer usage data.

A transparent billing process reduces customer disputes.

Simple way to sell Shopify subscriptions!

Customers can pay a set fee to receive products or services on a regular basis, such as weekly, monthly, or yearly, using Shopify Subscriptions. This service is ideal for businesses that want to offer subscription boxes, coffee of the month clubs, magazine subscriptions, and other similar services. Merchants can use Shopify Subscriptions to manage recurring orders, track customer subscriptions, and process payments for their subscribers.

Create a subscription

Choose whether to give your customers a fixed amount or a percentage-off subscription discount.

Add discounts

Choose the subscription discount you want to offer your customers whether it is a fixed amount or a percentage.

Activate subscription

You're finished when you click to activate your subscription.

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