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Limit Login Attempt

Limit Login Attempts for WordPress comprises Brute Protection, Google reCaptcha, Login & Spam protection in order to prevent attacks through the login page thereby securing your entire website.


A Comprehensive Security Solution For WordPress

Limit Login Attempt helps limit all login attempts on your WordPress website. It keeps a track of login attempts. It sends alerts to administrators for unusual activities if someone exceeds allowed failed login attempts. This helps prevent hackers and bots using brute force tactics from gaining access to your website.

Key Features

Brute Force Protection

A Brute Force Attack is one in which all possible combinations are tried by the hacker in a trial and error manner in order to crack the credentials and gain restricted access. The Limit Login Attempts Plugin keeps a track of the failed login attempts for all IP addresses and blocks an IP address once the threshold is breached.

Google reCAPTCHA

The Limit Login Attempts plugin allows the admin to enable Google Recaptcha, both V2 and V3, for their WordPress website. Google Recaptcha is a service provided by Google to help protect your website against spam and fraudulent activities. Google Recaptcha uses an advanced risk analysis algorithm to differentiate between spam bots and genuine users.

Block Registration From Fake Users

The Limit Login Attempts plugin, using our unique algorithm, tracks registration attempts using temporary credentials. There are multiple sites that provide temporary email addresses for such purposes. Using a combination of a database of these sites and advanced verification check, the Limit Login Attempts protects your WordPress website from such attacks.

Content Protection

A WordPress website has multiple weaknesses and if not properly secured, these vulnerabilities can be severely exploited. These include directory browsing, accessing the wp-config file and using a plugin editor to make changes from WP dashboard. The Limit Login Attempts plugin provides you with the option to secure these vulnerabilities and strengthen your WordPress website’s security.

Comment Spam Protection

Multiple cyber attacks are started by using a script or creating fake users in order to spam comments and overload your servers. This can crash your WordPress website for quite some time resulting in damage to your reputation. The Limit Login Attempts plugin, using its advanced functions, tracks and blocks these attacks securing your WordPress website.

IP blocking

The Limit Login Attempts plugin allows the admin to enable IP blocking on their WordPress website. This is done in order to block all known malicious IP addresses to reduce the risk of an attack. Limit Login Attempts also provides the option of country blocking in which all IP addresses originating from the selected country will be blocked.

What is the need of the security plugin?

Limit Login Attempt plugin is required to protect your website against online threats so that your website keeps functioning smoothly. Security vulnerabilities can affect the authority of your website in the eyes of Google as well as your readers. A good security plugin will help protect your WordPress website from brute force attacks, malware, and spammers. We also ensure to provide the best website security solutions available in the market. With Limit Login Attempt, miniOrange combines Web Application Firewall(WAF), Malware Scanner, Encrypted Database and File backup with recovery and Login Protection with Two Factor and Spam Protection to ensure your website’s security.

Choose your plan

$ 0/year

Choose no of sites
  • Login Security
  •   Basic Brute Force Protection
  •   Allow Login Attempts (25)
  •   Google reCaptch V2 on login
  • Blocking
  •   IP Address Range Blocking
  •   Plugin Level Blocking
  •   Single Browser Blocking
  •   Single Country Blocking
  •   Block HTTP Referrer
  • WAF
  •   WAF on plugin level
  •   Basic SQL Injection Protection
  •   Cross Site Scripting Protection
  •   LFI (Local File Inclusion) Protection
  •   Rate Limiting
  • Malware
  •   Quick Scan
  •   Standard Scan
  •   Check php files vulnerable code

All In One
$ 95/year

Choose no of sites
  • Login Security
  •   Advanced Brute Force Protection
  •   Allow Login Attempts (10)
  •   Google reCaptch V2 and V3 on login and registration
  • Advanced Blocking
  •   Advanced IP Address Range Blocking
  •   Plugin as well as htaccess Level Blocking
  •   All/Any Browser Blocking
  •   All/Any Country Blocking
  •   Block HTTP Referrer
  • Advanced WAF
  •   WAF on plugin level as well as htaccess level
  •   Advanced level SQL Injection Protection
  •   Advanced Level Cross Site Scripting Protection
  •   RFI (Remote File Inclusion) Protection
  •   Advanced Rate Limiting
  • Advanced Malware
  •   Deep Scan
  •   Custom Scan
  •   Remove file inclusion

Payment Methods

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Return Policy

At miniOrange, we want to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with our product/module purchase. If the module you purchased is not working as advertised, and you've attempted to resolve any issues with our support team, which couldn't get resolved, we will refund the whole amount given that you have raised a refund request within the first 10 days of the purchase. For any queries regarding the return policy, please email us at

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  • We do not provide the developer license for our paid module, and the source code is protected. It is strictly prohibited to make any changes in the code without having written permission from miniOrange. There are hooks provided in the module which can be used by the developers to extend the module's functionality.

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