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Malware Scanner

Malware scanner allows you to proactively scan your website including images, plugins, hidden files, logs and database for malware. It checks for malware infections, security-threats, viruses, trojans, backdoors, malicious javascript redirects, dolohen malware, code injections and other vulnerabilities.


What is the need of the malware scanner plugin?

Malware is a term used to describe all malicious files that exploit the vulnerabilities of a website for the purpose of causing harm. This holds true for WordPress websites as well and malware can be present in the form of malicious code, bad links / redirects. This in turn affects the overall performance of your WordPress website and may also lead to theft or deletion of important data. Our malware scanner plugins scans your website and checks for malware as well as potential vulnerabilities. This helps secure your website against any malware present currently or potentially in the future.

Key Features

Remote File Inclusion

This is a common method used to attack WordPress websites that dynamically reference external scripts. Here, a remote URL located within a different domain is used to upload the malware to exploit the referencing function in an application. The WordPress Malware Scanner plugin using its deep scan function detects and secures your website from such attacks.

Advanced Malware Detection

Advanced Signatures help to scan your website better. The WordPress Malware Scanner has its own premium signatures used to detect more advanced malwares in the files. This unique feature in our deep scan function is only available in our WordPress Malware Scanner.

Blacklisted Domain Scan

The WordPress Malware Scanner also detects Blacklisted Domains when deep scanning. These Blacklisted Domains harm your site’s reputation and also affect its SEO. The WordPress Malware Scanner detects these and prevents such negative outcomes.

Trojan Scan

Trojan malware is a big issue across WordPress websites. These files appear to be normal files but help attackers gain remote access to your system. The WordPress Malware Scanner detects these files using deep scan and secures your website against such internal attacks.

Backdoor Scan

A backdoor is a malware type that dodges the authentication process to gain remote access. This is extremely dangerous as it is not always something planted by an external attacker and may exist due to vulnerabilities in the system design itself. This also makes it extremely difficult to detect. Using our deep scan feature, the WordPress Malware Scanner detects these vulnerabilities as well.

Whitelist URLs

Our WordPress Malware Scanner plugin is extremely thorough in scanning and detecting malware and vulnerabilities. Even so, some URLs which may have been blacklisted might be integral to your website. This feature allows you to approve these URLs thus, overriding the blacklist.

What is the need of the security plugin?

Malware Scanner plugin is required to protect your website against online threats so that your website keeps functioning smoothly. Security vulnerabilities can affect the authority of your website in the eyes of Google as well as your readers. A good security plugin will help protect your WordPress website from brute force attacks, malware, and spammers. We also ensure to provide the best website security solutions available in the market. With Malware Scanner, miniOrange combines Web Application Firewall(WAF), Malware Scanner, Encrypted Database and File backup with recovery and Login Protection with Two Factor and Spam Protection to ensure your website’s security.

Choose your plan

$ 0/year

Choose no of sites
  • Malware
  •   Quick Scan
  •   Standard Scan
  •   Check php files vulnerable code
  • Blocking
  •   IP Address Range Blocking
  •   Plugin Level Blocking
  •   Single Browser Blocking
  •   Single Country Blocking
  •   Block HTTP Referrer
  • WAF
  •   WAF on plugin level
  •   Basic SQL Injection Protection
  •   Cross Site Scripting Protection
  •   LFI (Local File Inclusion) Protection
  •   Rate Limiting
  • Login Security
  •   Basic Brute Force Protection
  •   Allow Login Attempts (25)
  •   Google reCaptch V2 on login

All In One
$ 95/year

Choose no of sites
  • Advanced Malware
  •   Deep Scan
  •   Custom Scan
  •   Remove file inclusion
  • Advanced Blocking
  •   Advanced IP Address Range Blocking
  •   Plugin as well as htaccess Level Blocking
  •   All/Any Browser Blocking
  •   All/Any Country Blocking
  •   Block HTTP Referrer
  • Advanced WAF
  •   WAF on plugin level as well as htaccess level
  •   Advanced level SQL Injection Protection
  •   Advanced Level Cross Site Scripting Protection
  •   RFI (Remote File Inclusion) Protection
  •   Advanced Rate Limiting
  • Login Security
  •   Advanced Brute Force Protection
  •   Allow Login Attempts (10)
  •   Google reCaptch V2 and V3 on login and registration

Payment Methods

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Return Policy

At miniOrange, we want to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with our product/module purchase. If the module you purchased is not working as advertised, and you've attempted to resolve any issues with our support team, which couldn't get resolved, we will refund the whole amount given that you have raised a refund request within the first 10 days of the purchase. For any queries regarding the return policy, please email us at

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  • We do not provide the developer license for our paid module, and the source code is protected. It is strictly prohibited to make any changes in the code without having written permission from miniOrange. There are hooks provided in the module which can be used by the developers to extend the module's functionality.

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