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Key features of NFT Maker


NFT Creation

The WP NFT Maker helps you enlist any number of NFTs to list on your woocommerce website for the purpose of selling. Once a purchase is made, the NFT is minted on the selected blockchain according to the pricing for the same and the ownership is transferred. It is extremely easy to use as it follows the same workflow as that of any product on ecommerce sites.


Free IPFS Storage

The WP NFT Maker offers free IPFS metadata storage upto 50 MB for all files i.e. video, audio, image, etc. IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is not built on blockchain but designed to work with existing blockchain protocols. It uses a P2P decentralized network wherein backup files are hosted across numerous nodes making it resistant to centralized point of failure.


Lazy Minting

The WP NFT Maker allows for Lazy Minting of NFTs on your WordPress website. This means that the NFT minting process is done ‘Just In Time’ (JIT). The NFT is available off-chain for sale on your ecommerce site and only gets minted on purchase. Therefore, the seller does not have to pay gas fees to mint their NFT, only paying after the sale is made.


5 Blockchain Options

You have a choice to mint the NFTs on the blockchain of your choice. You can choose 1 from the following 5 blockchains:
Etherium, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Celo, Polygon (MATIC) & Harmony (ONE), to mint the NFT.


What is an NFT?

Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic assets based on blockchain technology with unique ID codes and metadata. Unlike other cryptographic assets, NFTs are non-fungible which means they can neither be replaced nor interchanged because they have unique properties. NFTs can also replicate real-world assets like works of art, real estate, etc. NFTs help make transactions involving these real-world tangible assets more efficient and reduce the probability of fraud.

What are the advantages of NFTs?

  • While the use of unique ID and the idea of digitally representing physical assets is not unique, combining them with the benefits of tamper-resistant blockchain of smart contracts makes it revolutionary.
  • The biggest advantage of NFTs from an artist’s perspective is the improved efficiency and removal of intermediaries.
  • NFTs representing artwork on a blockchain remove the need for any agents and help the artists directly connect with their audience.
  • NFTs are also extremely tamper-resistant and cannot be forged or otherwise manipulated as they have unique properties.


Are NFTs safe?

NFTs just like any other cryptographic asset generally tend to be extremely secure. Hacking NFTs is very difficult due to the distributed nature of blockchain technology. NFTs’ unique data makes the process of verification and validation of their ownership and the transfer of tokens between owners very easy and without compromising on their security aspects.

What are NFTs used for?

NFTs can be used for transactions regarding a multitude of assets like:

  • Artworks: NFTs provide the artists an opportunity to sell their artworks and connect to their audience directly and securely without the need for any intermediaries.
  • Digital Content: Content creators have complete ownership of their content over the publicizing platform, powering a creator economy wherein their profits are greater.
  • Gaming Add-ons: While you could always purchase add-ons in games, NFTs allow you to regain the cost or even make a profit by selling them once they are done using them.


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