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Key Features

Central Employee Directory

Add all your employee information (Personal details, Contact information, Job title, Department, Manager, etc) in one safe place and maintain an organized employee information. Create Unlimited Employees and get all your Employees information in one central location

Updating and Viewing Employee details

Easily edit or update the employees profiles. Display all your employee profiles with details mailing address, status, profile photo, bio and other details. Use a common slug to view all employees in one go from your directory or display all the employees details in one customized page

Employee Search

Filter and search employees in your Employee directory using different attributes fields for filtering like Name or Number, email, job titles, etc. Advanced Search and Search widget form to display search results on a page or post of your choice

Employee Categorization and Grouping

Easily categorize and organize your employees by Departments, Gender, Employment Types, Skills and many more to form meaningful associations. This enhances the employee search results by giving all the matching employees for a specific tag or field

Password Protection

Assign different types of view access to employee details and limit it from other users by specifying categories like public, password protected, private

Unlimited Custom Fields

Unlimited creation of unique custom fields that fits best for your company's structure. Allows you to easily add and maintain additional information about employees by defining different custom fields

Permalinks and Shortcodes

Get unique permalink for individual employees which can be embedded into any pages. Unique shortcode for individual employee page as well as shortcode to display all the Employees from the directory.

Import and Export Employee Data

Easily Import/Export all your employee information from/to CSV files. Map and import the fields that you need by providing different filtering options in import.

Employee Reward and Recognition

Provides an efficient way to increase Employee Engagement by highlighting their contributions and milestones achieved amongst everyone in the organization. The Employee Directory plugin provides ways to improve Employee productivity by rewarding as Employee of the month, top performer in a team, and many more.

Employee Onboarding Emails and Notifications

Easily keep all your Employees notified on the updates like Recent Hires, Work Anniversaries, Birthdays, special events and many more. This enables you to connect and engage your employees effectively in your organization


Active Directory
Azure AD

Sync records in the Employee Directory from Azure Active Directory or Office 365 on scheduled basis or real-time or on demand basis and keep the Employee Directory updated

WordPress Employee/Staff Directory Plugin | Google WordPress Employee/Staff Directory Sync
Google Apps

Sync records in the Employee Directory from G Suite / Google Apps / Google Workspace on a scheduled basis or real-time or on demand basis. Auto create fields that don't exist in your Employee Directory or Sync the required organization fields

WordPress Employee/Staff Directory Plugin | Active Directory WordPress Employee/Staff Directory Sync
Active Directory

Sync records in the Employee Directory from Microsoft Active Directory or any LDAP server. Allows you to sync employee’s creation, updation or deletion in real time or scheduled basis or demand basis.

WordPress Employee/Staff Directory Plugin |
Salesforce WordPress Employee/Staff Directory Sync

Sync records in the Employee Directory from Salesforce on scheduled basis or real-time or on demand basis and keep the Employee Directory updated. Secured Connection between WordPress and Salesforce for imports or updates

WordPress Employee/Staff Directory Plugin |
Okta WordPress Employee/Staff Directory Sync

Sync records in the Employee Directory from Okta on scheduled basis or real-time or on demand basis with secured connection between WordPress and Okta Identity Cloud


Sync the Employee Directory from any source

Seamless sync solution for WordPress Employee Staff Directory from various sources like Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP Server, Azure Active Directory, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Okta and many more. Sync records or fields in the Employee Directory as they are created, updated or deleted in different sources. Support to sync records or fields specific to your organization. Provides an option to sync data from multiple Active Directory/LDAP servers beneficial for large organizations having multiple companies within its organizational structure.

WordPress Employee/Staff Directory Plugin | Directory Sync

Pricing Plans

  • Central Employee Directory
    (Create Unlimited Employees)
  • Updating and Viewing Employee details
  • Filter and search employees
  • Employee Categorization and Grouping
  • Different types of view access to employee details like public, private, password protection
  • Unlimited creation of unique custom fields
  • Unique permalink and shortcode for individual employee page
  • Import/Export all your employee information from/to CSV files
  • Unique shortcode for different categories to only show the employees of that category
  • Alphabetical search and sort the Employees by various fields
  • Sync employee details from Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP
  • Sync employee records from Microsoft Azure Active Directory or Office 365
  • Sync employee details from Salesforce to your directory
  • Sync employee records from Google Workspace to your directory

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Support for Customization

Customize the Employee Directory as per your organization requirements.

Easy Configuration

Easily configure the Employee Directory for your organization and maintain all the Employees information in one central location using minimal settings.

Active Support

Just drop an email and support person will reach out to you. Support available via Emails, calls, screenshare sessions.

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