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Shopify SCIM user Provisioning

Key Features

Automate tasks

Our Shopify Helpdesk integration application makes it simple to automate up to 20% of your customer support tasks, from looking up the most recent orders to sending out an update on some of your most frequently asked questions.

Live chat

To increase your website conversion rate, use live chat to interact with your visitors in real-time. You can even use the URL to trigger live chat campaigns that engage in conversation automatically.

Ticketing system

Organize all of your customer communications in one location. Connect your social media accounts, support email addresses, and phone numbers to your helpdesk and respond to all tickets without leaving the Shopify Helpdesk application Dashboard.

Reuse response templates

Using our Shopify Helpdesk integration application Create template responses to respond to the most common and repetitive questions faster. Once you've written a message with custom data variables, save it as a macro to reuse it automatically.

Detection of intent and sentiment

Create rules to handle frequently asked questions such as "Where is my order?" You can automate up to 20% of support tickets with highly personalized responses by combining rules and macros.

Auto Responder

Create rules to handle frequently asked questions such as "Where is my order?" You can automate up to 20% of support tickets with highly personalized responses by combining rules and macros.

Support and revenue statistics

Using our Shopify Helpdesk integration application you can track metrics for support agents such as ticket volume, response time, and resolution time. With data on pre-sale tickets, converted tickets, and total sales, you can fine-tune your revenue strategies.

Connection to multiple stores

Connect all of your Shopify stores to save time by centralizing all tickets from all of your businesses in one place.


Tags can be created as admins or added on the fly for better organization and intuitive automation.

Contact Forms

Contact forms with dependent fields that can be customized for your Shopify Store. Workflows can be used to automate form responses.

Scale personalization

Our Shopify Helpdesk integration application makes it simple to enter customer data from Shopify. From first name to shipping address, each customer interaction is integrated. It's a quick and accurate way to provide a more personalized customer experience.

Stop asking for information you already have

View your customer's order history as you close out their ticket to ensure speed and accuracy. Using our shopify Helpdesk integration application there will be no more switching between tabs or cutting and pasting.

Update Shopify Orders

Within our Shopify Helpdesk integration application, you can change a shipping address or even issue a partial refund. Even without opening a new tab or window, you can create and send a draught order.

Content restriction for Shopify

Proactively communicate with customers

Our Chat Prompts you to increase your sales by engaging web store visitors at the end of their purchasing journey.

Sending automated messages to your buyers with special offers or social proof relevant to the pages they are browsing or where they are from encourages positive interactions with your team and gives them the confidence to purchase.

Increase your sales by communicating more quickly

Because online shoppers prefer instant responses to their questions, Live Chat enables support agents to respond to inquiries quickly.

With all the information they need at their fingertips, your support team can quickly resolve issues, increasing the likelihood of a sale. Even when your support agents are unavailable, a contact form will appear to ensure that you never miss a message.

Content restriction for Shopify

Content restriction for Shopify

Increase productivity and business insights

Live Chat reduces the workload of your agents by providing context before a conversation begins.

Using Tags to categorize inquiries and connect conversations with related order details and support tickets, agents' activities across all support channels are consolidated into a single view for efficiency and better productivity reporting.

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Customers can be offered discounts based on their customer tags using Single Sign-On (SSO) application.

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Centralized customer support management

Using Shopify Helpdesk integration application you can manage all your customer support requests from one platform, making it easier to prioritize, respond to, and resolve issues.

Streamlined customer support process

With all your customer support requests in one place, Shopify Helpdesk integration application can provide a more efficient and effective support experience to your customers.

Improved customer satisfaction

Using Shopify Helpdesk integration application you can provide faster and more effective customer support, improve customer satisfaction and build stronger relationships with your customers.

Better tracking and reporting

Shopify Helpdesk integration application provides detailed tracking and reporting capabilities, giving you valuable insights into your customer support performance and helping you identify areas for improvement.

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