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With automation, you can concentrate on the big picture while knowing that everything is still being done correctly and efficiently. Unify your tools to create a single source of truth for your company.

Key Features

Monitor Orders

Prevent chargebacks and fraud by automatically canceling high-risk orders or being notified of risky orders or unfulfilled old orders.

Auto Fulfill Orders

Create rules to fulfill line items that meet specific criteria. Digital products, Amazon FBA, by-product conditions, and other examples are provided.

Tag Orders + Customers

Create orders or customer conditions based on tag rules. You can also add notifications and tag previous orders.

Automate workflow

Create automated tasks, track inventory, automate tagging, send notifications, sales reports, delayed jobs, and scheduled execution, among other things.

Connect more apps that your company relies on

Shopify should be expanded. Expand automation to include more apps and data integrations.

Send and receive email and SMS notifications

Keep teammates and customers up to date on critical events as they happen.

Schedule Shopify workflows to run whenever you want

Run automation at any time by scheduling it in our app and connecting to the Flow.

Drag and Drop Workflow Design

You can use the store's APIs without knowing any code and design the workflow you want with drag and drop.

shopify wordflow automation - create and sell course on shopify

Shopify Workflow automation is an e-commerce automation solution designed specifically to assist Shopify merchants in overcoming the unique challenges they face. You can use Flow to create workflows that automate tasks, campaigns, and processes within your store and across your apps. This automation empowers you to create the custom solutions that your company requires.

Surely you want your business to be straightforward, but after a while, the monotony of the job takes its toll. The next question is: how do you save time on your Shopify store by executing these tedious, repetitive tasks? You may automate these operations rather than spending hours segmenting your consumers manually or updating your employees about new goods. Our Solution can help you with these repetitive activities, giving you more time to focus on your company’s growth. Shopify Workflow automation will automatically conduct all of your chores with no additional input.

Perform Tasks of Varying Complexity

Shopify workflow automation

Run the flow when a new order is created or successfully paid, a new customer is registered, a product is added to your store, on a specific day and time, and so on.


Send well-designed email messages, tag a customer or an order, work with meta fields, publish and unpublish products, automate fulfillment, cancel the order, and much more.


Check if a customer has a tag, if a specific product was ordered, if the inventory quantity is less than a critical value if the customer's total spending exceeds the amount required to obtain VIP status, and many other scenarios can be configured.

E-Commerce areas where Shopify Workflow Automation can help you

Buyer experience
  • Kick-off nurture campaigns for preorder purchases
  • Create a support ticket when you receive a negative review
  • Track negative product reviews in a spreadsheet
Customer management
  • Personalize marketing by tagging customers based on purchasing behavior
  • Organize customers by lifetime-spend tiers
  • Tag and track the conversion of customers who order samples
Order management
  • Tag orders with specific shipping requirements
  • Add international orders to a spreadsheet
  • Send an expedited shipping notification to the logistics team
  • Add a free gift to orders over $100
  • Text a discount code after a second order
  • Mail handwritten note after a third order
Risk and fraud management
  • Send a high-risk order notification before capturing payment
  • Cancel and restock high-risk orders
  • Track high-risk orders in a spreadsheet
Inventory and Merchandising
  • Get notified when products are low in stock and merchandise them on your store
  • Hide and show products based on inventory level

Here some of what you get

Save time

Spend more time expanding your company. Allow Alloy to automate time-consuming tasks so you can focus on what is important.

Increase efficiency

Launch pre-built workflows in seconds to automate analytics, marketing, customer service, fulfillment, returns, and fraud, among other things.

Fewer Redundancies

Automated systems give you a clearer picture of the areas in your organization where you can streamline workflows and eliminate duplicated efforts.

Improved Accountability and Transparency

Most workflow automation systems' tracking capabilities enable task assignment and project progress monitoring for a wide range of projects.

Improved Billing with Automated Processes

Integrated billing functions reduce staff workloads while ensuring accurate and timely delivery of all customer invoices.

Improves transparency

Employees understand what they need to do and what they can expect from each task. Automation greatly improves transparency and visibility into process operations.

Enhances customer service

Employees are freed and given more time to focus on customer-oriented tasks when repetitive tasks in a process are automated.

Increases employee satisfaction

The primary goal of process automation is to save time and money. Employees' work hours are consumed significantly by repetitive and redundant steps.

Are you ready for automation?

No code experience, no problem. You can use our automation app without being a developer.

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