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Steps to configure NTLM

Setup NTLM Authentication using miniOrange add on:

Step 1: Computer Account Creation

  • Log in on the Domain Controller (DC) with the Administrator user.
  • Create a new computer account.

  • Change password of computer account using this command. The computer account name ends with $


Step 2: AD Configuration

Use the following steps to configure AD.

  1. Domain Name (preWindows 2000)): Enter your AD domain name is your NetBios or PreWindows 2000 Name. Please find steps to get NetBiosName here
  2. Domain Controller Host Name/IP Address: Enter your Hostname or IP address of the domain controller machine. Use nslookup <domain_name> to get IP address from your Host Name.
  3. Simple (non-FQDN) Host Name: This is your machine hostname. Run the command hostname on your DC machine to find the simple hostname, e.g. EC2AMAZ-0I8J83M
  4. Computer Account for Connection (Created in Step 1): Computer Account Name should be entered in this format: accountName$
  5. Computer Account Password: Enter the password for the above Computer Account
  6. Server Location: Enter the installation directory of your instance. Specify only the base path of the directory. e.g. C:\Atlassian\ or /home/Atlassian/
  7. Click on Save.


Step 3: Download Libraries

  • Edit the web.xml file present in “/conf/” directory and include the NTLM filter provided in the plugin.
  •  Click here to download
  • Restart your server to apply the above changes.


Step 4: Enable NTLM Authentication

Select Enable NTML Authentication and click on Save.

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