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1. Passwordless Login to Joomla


Customer was looking for the possibility for people over 65 years old to access a website through a Joomla registration but they don't have to enter their email and password to access. Is it possible with our plugins that every time they access the website privately they receive the password by WhatsApp or something similar? What the customer wants is that his customers can access a private project but simplify the access and avoid passwords to remember.


What is Passwordless Authentication?

Consider the traditional log-in process. A user is required to present an identifier (typically a username) and a verifier (such as a password, passphrase, pin, credential, key, certificate, or another type of secret). The identifier confirms the identity of the user and provides the level of access permissions.

Passwordless authentication works by instead of passwords; users can use other authentication factors that are intrinsically safer. It uses more secure alternatives like One-time Passcode on mobile or on whats app, Push notifications, or Biometrics authentication.

So after that the next time the user tries to login to your website. Just enter the username or email after that Passwordless login method invoke and after authorizing by Passwordless methods the user can access the website.

Because of Passwordless login users no need to remember the complex passwords. Users can easily and securely login to your site.

Security benefits of passwordless authentication

* Passwordless authentication reduces risky user behavior
* Greater security against password theft is enabled by passwordless authentication.
* Passwordless authentication eliminates password sharing with multiple users.
* Ensuring speedy logins
* Improving user experience.

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