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Why should you use our TYPO3 Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Extension?

TYPO3 2FA - Two Factor Authentication extensions provides a second layer of security for TYPO3. TYPO3 2FA extension by miniOrange enables second-factor authentication for your admins and customers and is highly secure & easy to set-up extension. To access the account, one must go through an additional layer of authentication in addition to the standard login and password verification method (2FA).

TYPO3 2FA extension supports various 2FA / MFA methods like TOTP ( Google Authenticator, Duo Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Okta Verify Authenticator, Authy Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, etc ), OTP Over Email, OTP Over SMS, OTP Over Call, Security Questions ( KBA ), and Backup Methods. Also, if you are looking for any other 2FA method or feature in the extension please let us know on, and will add that method/feature for you in the extension.

Why You Should Purchase Our TYPO3 Extension?

Get Our Extension for Enhanced Performance and Efficiency

TYPO3 2FA - TYPO3 Two Factor Authentication - Force Authentication

Secure Two Factor Authentication

Provides two factor authentication for admins and customers during login via a range of methods (15+ authentication methods), including text message, hardware tokens and many more.

TYPO3 2FA - TYPO3 Two Factor Authentication - Auto login Users

Array of Features

Enforcing 2FA for all the users in your site using TYPO3 2FA extension. Backup methods like Security Questions, Backup codes and many more.

TYPO3 2FA - TYPO3 Two Factor Authentication - auto create users

Passwordless Login

Allows users to log in using only their Username and OTP, 2FA TYPO3 extension nullifies the need for a Password.

TYPO3 2FA - TYPO3 Two Factor Authentication - real time sync

Role based 2FA

You can enable the typo3 two-factor authentication (2FA) for specific roles. 2FA will invoke according to the configurations you saved.

TYPO3 2FA - TYPO3 Two Factor Authentication - sso for multisite

Domain Based 2FA

You can enable the typo3 two factor authentication (2FA) for specific domains. 2FA will invoke according if the user belongs to the configured domain.

TYPO3 2FA - TYPO3 Two Factor Authentication - sso for multisite

Strong Authentication

You can login using username along with password and two-factor or username and two-factor.

TYPO3 2FA - TYPO3 Two Factor Authentication - sso for multisite

Support All Phones

All types of phones are supported Smart Phones (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry), Basic Phones, Landlines, etc.

TYPO3 2FA - TYPO3 Two Factor Authentication - sso for multisite

Deploy Quickly

TYPO3 2FA extension can be deployed for your entire userbase in minutes.

TYPO3 2FA - TYPO3 Two Factor Authentication - sso for multisite

Inline Registration

It offers inline registration of users so you can simply activate and configure the plugin and you are all set.

TYPO3 2FA - TYPO3 Two Factor Authentication - sso for multisite

24/7 Support

We provide world class continuous support and answers to all your queries and questions if you have any.

TYPO3 2FA - TYPO3 Two Factor Authentication - sso for multisite

Multiple Authentication Methods

We support multi factor authentication for all type of phones such as Soft Token, QR Code Authentication, Push Notification are supported by miniOrange Authenticator App.

TYPO3 2FA - TYPO3 Two Factor Authentication - sso for multisite


You can customize the email and sms template to send the OTP/notification. Also you can customize the length and expiry time of OTP.

Transparent, Simple Pricing

Try free for 7 days. No credit card required.


Hit the ground running


  • Authentication Methods (Limited Methods)
  • OTP Over SMS
  • OTP Over Email
  • OTP Over SMS and Email
  • Remember Device


Powerup Business

$349* Price listed is for a single instance. Discounts are applicable for additional instances.

  • 15+ Authentication Methods 15+ Authentication Methods are Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Duo Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, Okta Verify Authenticator, miniOrange Authenticator, OTP over email, OTP over SMS, OTP over SMS and Email, OTP over Phone, OTP over WhatsApp, OTP over Telegram, Hardware Token, Security Questions, Push Notifications, Soft Token etc.
  • Supports Custom SMS / Email Gateway Support custom email and custom SMS Gateway along with GET and POST method. Easily configurable with custom email and sms gateways like twilio, MSG91, Sendgrid and practically any other email and SMS gateway.
  • Allow specific 2FA methods to configure in inline registration Allow Admins to choose from different 2FA methods or enforce 2FA from the default (selected) method during registration.
  • Reconfigure/ Change 2FA method for Admin
  • Customize Email TemplatesCustomize the Email sent to your Admins
  • Customize SMS TemplatesCustomize the SMS sent to your Admins
  • User Management (Reset user's 2FA method)Admins can manage and reset configured 2FA methods for all the roles of backend and frontend store users.
  • Backend and Frontend Role based 2FA
  • Enforce 2FA at registration for Frontend users
  • Customize UI of login UI popupCustomize the Email and SMS popup according to your requirements.
  • Backup methods for Frontend and backend users

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Queries About Our Two Factor Authentication (2FA) extension

What is one instance?
A TYPO3 instance refers to a single installation of a TYPO3 site. It refers to each individual website where the extension is active. In the case of a single site TYPO3, each website will be counted as a single instance.

Do I need to pay one-time or annually?
The extension licenses are subscription based and you have to pay annually.

What is the refund policy?
At miniOrange, we want to ensure you are 100% happy with your purchase. If the premium extension you purchased is not working as advertised and you've attempted to resolve any issues with our support team, which couldn't get resolved. We will refund the whole amount within 10 days of the purchase. Please email us at for any queries regarding the return policy or contact us here.

Does miniOrange offer technical support?
Does miniOrange offer technical support? Yes, we provide 24*7 support for all and any issues you might face while using the extension, which includes technical support from our developers. You can get prioritized support based on the Annual Support Plan you have opted for. You can check out the different Support Plans from here .

Does miniOrange store any user data?
miniOrange does not store or transfer any data which is coming from the Identity provider (IdP) to the Typo3. All the data remains within your premises / server.
Does miniorange provide developer license for paid extension?
We do not provide the developer license for our paid extensions and the source code is protected. It is strictly prohibited to make any changes in the code without having written permission from miniOrange.

Legal Documentation

End User License Agreement   

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Service Level Agreement (SLA)  

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Privacy Policy   

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Security Practices   

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"Great Service, easy to setup"

After spend time on compare and testing couples of SSO extensions in market place, we found this is the best one at the moment, with purchased the enterprise plan in a really good deal, there are no limit of how many store and endpoints. Service response was fast, Real human helping on settings remotely by meetings.Recommend

TYPO3 2FA | Customer Reviews

Good plugin and support

TYPO3 2FA| Customer Reviews

Nice Plugin, got very good support from setup, configuraton till testing functions of the plugin. and it was on-premise setup. Thanks for mini orange team supporting here.

Good tool, fast support

TYPO3 2FA | Customer Reviews

We have connected the plugin with our store system. At the beginning there were several errors and many meetings with the developers. After a while all the bugs were fixed and the plugin worked. The support is friendly and very keen to ensure the functionality. Great praise to our support person.

Quick support

TYPO3 2FA | Customer Reviews

The plugin is easy to configure and the support was quick.

Nice and easy

TYPO3 2FA | Customer Reviews

After a couple of tweaks from the FAST support, the plugin works great

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