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Keycloak User Synchronization

The Keycloak user sync plugin for Joomla allows you to synchronise and provision your Joomla users into Keycloak and vice versa. This plugin contains the functionality to create, read, update, delete, deactivate users, and synchronise attributes between Keycloak and Joomla. This solution is intended to automate the provisioning process while also maintaining a single system to manage permissions and groups

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Keycloak User Synchronization

About the Plugin

When using the Keycloak user sync plugin, you can choose which user attributes to synchronize, such as username, email, and roles. Keycloak can be configured to synchronize user information periodically, so that any updates in Keycloak can be automatically reflected in Joomla.

Keycloak user sync plugin also allows for user management, which is the process of creating a user in Joomla based on that user’s information in the keycloak database. This is useful when the Keycloak stores the user information, and you need to ensure that Joomla is updated accordingly.

Overall, Keycloak user sync plugin reduces the need for duplicate data entry and ensures that user data is always up-to-date.

Key-Points regarding Keycloak User Sync

User Federation

User Federation

Keycloak provides the concept of User Federation, which allows you to synchronize user information from Joomla database. This means that you can manage users in Joomla and synchronize them with the Keycloak user database

Syncing User Attributes

When using user federation in Keycloak, you can choose to synchronize specific user attributes such as username, email, groups, and roles. This means that user attributes can be updated in the Joomla and Keycloak will be updated accordingly

Syncing User Attributes
Periodic (Timely) Synchronization

Periodic (Timely) Synchronization

Keycloak can be configured to synchronize user information periodically, which ensures that the user information in Keycloak is always up-to-date. This is useful when the Joomla is updated frequently, and you need to ensure that Keycloak is also updated

User Provisioning

User Provisioning is the process of creating a user in Joomla based on the user information in Keycloak and vice versa. This can be useful when the Keycloak is the source of truth for user information, and Joomla needs to be updated accordingly

User Provisioning

Key Features

User Provisioning

User provisioning allows you to create user accounts in Keycloak based on user accounts in Joomla and vice versa. This feature can be automated to ensure that user accounts are always up-to-date

Automatic User Creation

The Keycloak user provisioning plugin, can automatically create user accounts in Joomla or Keycloak if the user does not already exist in the respective system.

Automatic User Deletion

If a user is deleted from Joomla, the Keycloak user provisioning plugin can automatically delete the corresponding user account in Keycloak ensuring that user accounts are always up-to-date

User Synchronization

This ensures that user accounts in both systems are in sync and reduces the administrative overhead of managing users in multiple systems

Sync On User Updation

With the Keycloak user sync plugin for Joomla, you can synchronize user accounts in Keycloak whenever a user account is updated in Joomla. This ensures that user information is always up-to-date in both systems

Sync User Roles

This feature ensures that users have the correct roles and permissions in both systems by synchronizing user roles from Joomla to Keycloak and vice versa

Use Cases for Keycloak User Sync

Centralized User Management

Keycloak can be used to manage user authentication and authorization for Joomla, as well as other applications and systems. This allows for centralized user management, which can reduce the administrative overhead of managing multiple user stores and passwords.

Single Sign-On

Keycloak supports single sign-on (SSO), which means that users can log in once and access multiple systems without having to enter their credentials each time. This can improve the user experience and reduce the risk of password fatigue. You can use SAML or OAuth to perform SSO.

Multi-site User Management

If you have multiple Joomla sites, or other sites and systems, Keycloak can be used to synchronize user information across them. This means that users can have a consistent experience across all of your sites and systems, and user information is kept up-to-date.

User Attribute Synchronization

Keycloak allows you to synchronize user attributes, such as username, email, and roles, between Joomla and Keycloak. This means that user information is always up-to-date, even if it is managed in the Joomla database.

User Self-Service

Keycloak includes a user account management interface that allows users to manage their own profiles, reset their passwords, and manage their authentication methods. This can reduce the burden on IT staff and improve the user experience. Once a user's profile is updated in keycloak then it automatically updates the Joomla user database after a given period of time.

Customizable Authentication Flows

Keycloak allows you to create custom authentication flows, which means that you can tailor the user experience to your specific requirements in which miniOrange can help you to satisfy your use-case. For example, you might require users to accept a terms of service agreement before logging in.


Highly Compatible

This plugin is compatible with both Joomla 3 and Joomla 4. We always keep our plugin updated with the latest Joomla releases

Deploy Quickly

Easy to setup and deploy in your Joomla environment. It can be deployed for your entire userbase in minutes

End to End Plugin Integration

The Keycloak user sync plugin is designed to work seamlessly with Joomla and Keycloak and provide end-to-end integration.

Custom Pricing

All our plugins are reasonably priced with various plans tailored to suit your Joomla environment

Pricing for Everyone

One Time Payment

User Provisioning

Automatic User Creation

Automatic User Deletion

User Synchronization

Sync On User Updation

Sync User Roles

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